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A pic for Jon - Rated R


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A pic for your collection, if you don't have it. :)

Feel Free to delete it from the forums after you view it....



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jon, that´s most of what i have concerning pinball.

unbelievable how many more babes i´ve found online posing on ping-pong tables, another favorite of mine.

of course, some of them liked IRL to get smacked on the posterior with a paddle. whereas no girl that i know of liked to use a plunger to... um, read books.


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whereas no girl that i know of liked to use a plunger to... um, read books.
That reminds of a very memorable scene from TOP#7 - "Banzai Wars"... Shaggy's lovely assistant, Candy helps polish a plunger assembly in a... * ahem * rather unique way... and that's in addition to all the other ways she assists! The entire series is rather good just for it's comedic value alone, not to mention the repair and maintenance tips... and they help support the Pinball Hall of Fame on top of it!



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I just realized that PN has to be the forum with the most relaxed rules I've ever seen... and it's the place for the "cool kids" of VPF. I won't regret having joined here a while ago.

The McD

EDIT: THEY GOT A F&$%*NG BIG BANG BAR IN THERE? God damn, I think I really am a pinball fanatic... I can only concentrate on the machines... a nice TZ, AFM and TAF there too.
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The Adult Pinball site is the site, to which I posted a link to, some years ago. As I didn't want to risk any disqualification I didn't post the link address directly, but put it in some puzzle. I noticed that some of you didn't manage to solve it, but I kept strong. If I was aware that it's such open here, I sure would have posted the direct link.
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