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ass showing


Pinball Wizard
Would someone care to explain to me what the fuck is wrong with these people that wish to wear the pants below their ass! I see this of almost all teenagers (whites included). Running down the street holding their pants up so they so trip on the pants legs! What in the hell is with this stupid shit anyway? I know bell bottom pants must have looked stupid to older folks back when I was a teenager, but at least I wasn't showing my ASS. My wife and I just came back from going to a "Hardees" drive through and I noticed that the Hardees employee had his pants below his ass. I almost felt like telling them to shove the food we ordered up their ass.


Pinball Wizard
RE: Re: RE: ass showing

Ron.....it's because you're OLD... you don't understand the kids....that's the whole idea....it has always been about rebelling against the older generation.....!!!

Bill Haley and the Comets was considered "rebellious" and "dangerous" when my grandpa was a young man in the States...!!!



Pinball Wizard
RE: Re: RE: ass showing

Post's comment about plumbers is accurate. Almost every plumber has pants that are too big for them.. coupled with a tool-belt that causes the waist to extend below their asses, most notably when they bend over. The term "Pumber's Crack" and/or "Plumber's Cleavage" are generally used to describe this eyesore.

As far as kids wearing their pants halfway down their ass.. it was started by some black rap group and instantly became an ubran fad... which of course white kids immediately copied because they all want to be black without the skin tone.

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
RE: Re: RE: ass showing

yea, i see it sometimes too.

i'm not a huge anti-fashion nazi but to me this fad is retarded, mainly because it's so anti-functional.

as a former rec/intramural league player in basketball, baseball, football and table tennis as well as a former pickup player in other sports, pants falling down was always a bad thing. even in the hood, walking down streets, pants falling down does not help you. if i was going to fight someone i'd be happy if they had less leg mobility and a chance to trip over themselves in the middle of melee.

btw 'pants below ass' may have actually started in skate culture before working it's way into mainstream culture.


Pinball Wizard
RE: Re: RE: ass showing

Well, it's not much different than turning your ballcap around so it's backwards or sideways. The WHOLE DAMN POINT of that cap and visor in the first place is to protect your eyes and/or face from the sun (shade). Putting it on sideways or backwards is not much different than not wearing it at all functionally. But to rebellious punks, it means being DIFFERENT even if different means STUPID in this case.

I mean why say 'is' or 'are' when you can just say 'aint'. Hell, why type everything out when you can use acronyms or l88t speak? Why say "What's up, George?" when you can say "Wazzzup, Homey G!? Diz been fun, yo!"


Pinball Wizard
I actually saw two guys walking with their ass BUCK NAKED to a gay club in Helsinki.....you know...they wore leather pants that left their ass cheeks bare.

You know....I'm very liberal....whatever floats their boat....but I just found it extremely humorous.

You should get a pair Ron...!!! :D


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
I thought it was so that they were ready for any women or men of their preference throwing themselves at them - I mean if the pants are half off already think of all the time that saves to get busy.
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