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FireFox Crashes After Visiting Pinball Nirvana


Pinball Wizard
Is anyone else having a problem whereby the Firefox browser will crash after you close a Pinball Nirvana site window and try to go back to another one (doesn't seem to matter what the other windows are showing)? I've had this happen over a dozen times now, but it only seems to happen on this computer that has WindowsXP on it. I don't recall seeing that happen at home using Win98SE. I don't know if it's the browser or one of the extensions or what....


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Is it the latest build, firefox 1.5 and if so are you using the fasterfox extention?

If you've got 1.5 and fasterfox, I'd look into the options on that extention first, you may have to knock it down a notch or go for a custom configuration.


Pinball Wizard
It works fine for me at work and at home - old firefox at work (as far as I know), and WinXPPro; Firefox 1.5 and WinXPHome at home. I usually have multiple tabs open and often multiple windows aswell and it doesn't crash. Firefox does tend to crash on me occassionally, but only at work: this occurs when it has trouble with a page - my work computer starts up the fan and the processsor is working at 100% when this happens - it has happened with PN but also with other sites. So I suppose my experience indicates the newer Firefox is more stable, but the old one is pretty good too and only crashes when a page seems to give it trouble - for example when it takes ages to load, and this doesn't happen very often and certainly not every time I exit from PN.

I have no idea about Fasterfox so I must have the default installation, it works well so I don't change it.



Pinball Player
I have 1.5 and Fasterfox and I have never had any site crash on me. I use WinXp Home Sp2. I don't set FF to Turbo just optimized....The Turbo increases the load to servers, as it it says in the menu, so I don't use that setting. But that's the only extension I use besides a different theme. I use Roadrunner as my ISP. Hope this can help.:)


Pinball Wizard
I have FasterFox on my Win98SE computer but I get no crashes there. It only started happening after I had to reinstall it on my mother's computer when her husband deleted it thinking no one was using it. I used the latest version as of last week or so.


Pinball Wizard
I said it does NOT crash under Win98SE, but rather only under WindowsXP on my mother's computer at her house with Firefox and only AFTER I leave this site and try to go back to browsing other sites like VPF or whatever.


Pinball Wizard
I don't use firfox so wouldnt know, but I think it won't crash if you find the other site with favorites or history.


Pinball Wizard
(Just discovered something...is there anyway to type in a new non-bookmarked address in Firefox and have it open in a new tab? Can't find it.)

At any rate, I just tried it a few times here at work on XP, with other tabs open and even while fooling around a bit with the different sites, Pac...no crashes.
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