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Future Pinball and BAM Installed: Simple… FAST… then PLAY! for Cabinets (by TerryRed)


Pinball Master
So many people like Video Install Guides... so here is my latest for Future Pinball and BAM installed on a cabinet

Future Pinball and BAM Installed: Simple… FAST… then PLAY

  • I made a new UP TO DATE video guide
  • this is made only for multi screen CABINET users
  • I wanted to do this to show how EASY it is to get setup quickly and be able to play these awesome “new” Future Pinball tables!
  • I use my FP and BAM Mega Guide as the only source, just like you guys would, to completely install FP and BAM and be ready to go in minutes!

The first 15-25 minutes is:
  • the entire install and setup (which is actually much quicker if I didn’t explain anything)
  • you don’t need to worry about BAM setup as my install files will get you properly setup with BAM and other settings
  • downloading and installing tables
  • it’s really easy guys!

The rest of the video is:
  • explaining the many cool BAM features you can play around with on all tables
  • explaining BAM cfg files
  • how to disable bam settings in table script (if used)
  • show examples for controls, Special 1 for Action/Fire
  • xml files for old tables using LOTR as an example
  • gameplay demos of the latest Star Wars DSA U-Pro, Iron Man U-Pro, and Indiana Jones U-Pro

Everything is bookmarked in the Youtube video description for quick and easy access!

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