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Gold Crown (Pierce Tool and Manufacturing Co., 1932) VPX

VPX Flipperless Recreation Gold Crown (Pierce Tool and Manufacturing Co., 1932) VPX v1.1

No permission to download


Stay tuned.....
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- Added 3D holes that open and close when starting a new game.
- Fixed the plunger for some very awesome shots. Top scoring section is now attainable!
- Cleaned up the graphic areas a bit.
- Added ball dropping sounds.

Plays much nicer. Enjoy.


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Isaac Sauvage

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Thanks for sharing, Will!

N.B. I added the DL to your post and linked this thread as the official discussion thread.

I don't know why, but this game reminds me slightly of bad boy Heighway's "Bacardi" game. That one actually physically plays more like "Cloverleaf" did, although it's a very interesting, unusual two-player concept. Have a gander at the rules if you care to.


Stay tuned.....
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Interesting link Ike and enjoy the updated table.

I've been VERY busy getting Mat-Cha-Skor to work properly with a spinning disc and all 18 point "dots" working. The dots are from actual images in an EM reel and spin when a new game is started. Looks like the real thing, but have to still work out the kinks in the spinning for more smoothness. The disc ALWAYS spins RANDOMLY so you'll never know what is going to come up till the second the coin slide is pulled out to start a new game.

I will also be adding a "match it" in "# of games" as well to make the game even more fun.

More updates are coming and I am still working on some new tables.

Isaac Sauvage

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Just took a look at the IPDB entry and I like the idea of trying to match the disk. Neat idea. I also like that there's no drain, so the balls get returned when you miss a scoring chance.

Also took a quick look on YT to see if there was footage of someone playing Mat-Cha-Skor, but didn't find anything. I kinda wish there was an old movie or something in which one could follow along with players trying to win a free game and stuff. I think something like that could add a fun little twist to a movie scene...

For example-- a small kid being bullied by a larger kid at a soda shop. The bully forces the kid to try to win a free game or else the kid has to do some miserable, degrading task for the next two weeks. But lo-and-behold, the kid's skill pays off, he manages to match the spinner-disk, and the bully is humiliated in front of everyone present. Hehe, something like that, anyway.

Sadly, I imagine that because pinball machines were closely associated with gambling for a long time, showing a machine in a movie immediately brought up some seedy, negative connotations. So you'd more likely have a sort of Fonzi-like character shown playing a game, and they'd hardly focus on the game itself because they were simply trying to imply "this here's a bad boy."

I could be overthinking all that, though.

Btw, I just remembered that I was supposed to see if I could find some metallic side-images for one of your recent game updates that had a load of pins standing up. Hmm...

Oh and hey-- while I was searching for Peo games on YT ("Daisy" is there), I discovered this sweet antique display... right in the middle of an arcade! :D



Stay tuned.....
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NICE vid Ike! Thank you!

I KNOW a person who has a Mat-Cha-Skor machine. If I need his input I'm sure I can ask him. He'll have no issues with it.

So far so good. Still a bunch of work to do with the blending of the play field colors. I still have to deal with the points in the circles on the PF as well.

Still quite a bit to do BUT HOPE I'll have it done in a week or two. I HOPE! I want this to play smoothly.

I have already implemented the MATCH-IT, MATCH-ES and GAMES to keep track of matches won in # of games. It works perfect.