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Happy birthday Jon!


Stay tuned.....
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Cool beans! Happy B Day Jon! Have a GREAT day :)

Will / druadic

See what happens to druadic at the computer?


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Hey, It's not my :new-bday: Yet......

I still have a few hours to enjoy life on the "right" side of 45... :D

Thanks for the wishes all, I felt older when it was announced that tiltjlp was not here.... :({|=


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Sorry I presented your Birthday, a little early, but I just had to beat AJ's robot to the punchline, you never no, his robot may go ferral. Anyways I think you deserve at least 2 days to celebrate, relax and just contemplate your navel and such.

Plus the :evil: made me do it, just like in the bad ol' school days, when me an a friend or three would start an early applause and the whole crowd would join in, was the headmaster steamed. :twisted:

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