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VP8 VP9 VPX Original Table Recreation LONG overdue is a good ol' RoundUp of that crazy genius, Rascal. Let's get in to it, shall we?

Isaac Sauvage

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So, let's start with his resources here.
According to the big accordion nailed to the wall, we have... a DOZEN of his tables here?

Hmph. Well, let's see, shall we?

Well sir, here's three of them in particular. The last one being a Bob McC contribution to the VP+ project (remember?)


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Isaac Sauvage

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Yeah, I'll work on the first post. Get some actual descriptions in there and expand it. :blush:

Rascal, Dazz, Smak, Steely et al moved the BigBangBar to a Discord channel, a while back.

Sadly, I just learned from them that RGade (Richard Gade, co-inventor of VP+) passed away.
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