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VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Look ma, suns here!! Close Encounters V4.0 is here also!

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
You can get it at ....


and eventually at IRPinball.

Fourth Release v4.0 11-27-2004

Completly re-rendered, from a closer angle so the table fills more of the screen.

The entire table is reeled, so on startup, and if you tilt, the whole table is dark, Then the GI and the playfield lights come on.

Since reels render walls and spinners invisible, I had to make both the spinner and the drop target bank, animated and rendered reels.

I added the proportional and animated plunger to this table. Just use the down arrow to pull back. Press Enter to plunge the ball. You can use the up arrow key to back off of your pull also.

Also because the whole table is reeled, the table size is much larger (8 megs). So I split the script from the table. If I need to fix something in the script, you'll be able to download just the script. Make sure the script is in the same folder as the table.

Fixed some details of the table thanks to Roddy Rodmaker, who ownes a real CE3K machine. He sent me scans of both sides of the spinner, and informed me about the red/blue stripes on the upper fixed targets. Thanks, Rod!

There is a setting in the adjustments for regular table, and special edition.

The regular real life CE3K has no attract mode lights, and this version is no exception. But if you want to jazz it up a bit, use the 'special editon' setting. This gives you attract mode lighting, and some different sound effects.

Enjoy CE3K!

Kurt Herman
aka scapino


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PN co-founder
Amazing work Kurt, it actually looks alive. Every time I see one of your tables I feel like I'm in the minor leagues compared to you.



Pinball Wizard
Well, I dont know if its better....:)

Its just a little more complete. If you tilt all the lights (GI included) go out. Its got rendered flippers, drop targets and the spinner too.

I'm sure some people will have the dreaded ATI reel glitch on this, as the spinner and the roto targets are over 16 frames each, which I believe is the limit on the ATI cards, IF you dont disable HW acceleration.

The table slope is steeper, and the flippers stronger, so it plays faster.



Pinball Wizard
Amazing update, this has always been one of my Gottlieb all-time favourites. Both real machine and the vp conversion.

PS: What about the scores over 1 million? Do they register as high scores, although there's only 6 digits?