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MAME cabinet


Pinball Nudger
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I always wanted to build a MAME cab myself. I was thinking about having a doughnut or hex shaped control panel that would rotate around the cab with different controller layouts. Contact tracks and spring-n-bearing connectors on the center hub so that it could make full rotations without twisting wires. Kind of like bushings on an armature in an electric motor.

Maybe someday! :s


appropriate at this time
I'm thinking about a cabinet too, now that I have a spare computer. I also have experience building cabinets, and have many controllers that would work with them. I want to start with a coffee table two player system, then a sit down cockpit for mostly PC games. I have various joysticks, some of which are used in the above, Two different wheels each with peddle sets, , a CH flight yoke with peddles, track ball, a half dozen joypads, and throttles. All I would need would be spinners, and buttons and lightguns.


appropriate at this time
I've been thinking about a dual monitor system also, for MAME though.

Note there is no black bar at the bottom of the second screen, it is merely a smaller screen. Note also the first in full screen and the second has the DMD. Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN of course don't need the DMD on the second screen, but a True DMD game would look sweet with the speaker/DMD on that second screen alond with the backglass. Sorry, I can not give you a modded version of one of those. This is however an undoctored screen/s capture.
What is it again that ultra pin is going to give us? And when?
If realistic flipper mods are out of the question, then I guess dual monitor Mods are out of the question as well. It is a lot of work to set these up as well. Mostly graphic shopping to get a pic that spans to the second monitor and is sized right for placement above the table, which fills the first screen.


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I don't like yellow - does it come in black? :) Other than that it looks fine. What are the 3 big buttons below the controller for?