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?More E-bay craziness?

Pop Bumper Pete

Pinball Pirate
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Since the e-bay section is gone, might as well post here


For the click impaired
This auction is for information only on how to buy a Brand New in Box Medieval Madness Pinball

This is no Scam, Medieval Madness pinballs are likely to be remade, limited to 1,000 games only Limited Edition with special Plate attached.

Be the first to order a NIB Medieval Madness for $5,000 US

Winning bidder will be emailed the link where they can order a game.



PN co-founder
Yeah, there's a news item at the bottom of our front page about the Pinball Factory having plans to remake MM once Croc Hunter is finished, if they can get enough orders. Sorry about ditching the eBay Links forum, bu tit was never used since I had added it. Wonder how much shipping is from Oz to the US?


Pinball Wizard
Stuff shipping John just buy it and "store" it at my place. Heck, I'll even drive up there and personally pick it up for you and deliver it into safe storage right here. I won't even charge a storage fee :lol: . It's just up the road about 2 or 3 miles away.

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