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    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.
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VP8 VP9 EM Original Table Recreation "Pachinko Birds" by Bob & "Night Vision" by Jeff Block added

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Bob's recreation of his own Pachinko Birds, and Jeff Block's Night Vision original have been added. Bob's pachinko is on the easy side, but might best one in our collection. Night Vision is a dark table with neon accents, and is a very challenging and unique game. Get them both by following the Downloads Link.


Night Vision:

Pachinko Birds:


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bob said:
Thanks John and Jon!

Here's a link to the latest version of my Pachinko, I fixed the long loading time by breaking up the large decal into 4 decals and it now loads in a couple of seconds. Thanks to StevOz for suggesting this.


I appreciate the updated Pachinko Birds, I added the newest version to the site. This is a fine recreation, I had a chance to play it and it's superb, I love the sounds and the images, I pressed "R" and had a chuckle. :D

Also wanted to let bob know about some other fans of Pachinko Birds that I discovered while looking over the server logs for Pinball Nirvana, I ran across hits from this site while doing some troubleshooting..




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WoW! Thanks John for the link! It was much appreciated :)

Here's a full screenshot of my real Pachinko game for your gallery. I opened the glass and inserted the balls where I wanted them to make all of the wings open and I used this pic to make the graphics for the opened wings or whatever they are :)


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Isaac Sauvage

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Oh my, I was -amazed- to discover just now that the thread is still up...

No no-- not THIS thread, but the one over yonder at the pachinko site! Where they downright throw a PAR-TAY about Bob's game! oO

Now, @bob was a perfect ambassador for the VP establishment it seems to me, and I thought it was super-cool to see one scene connecting with another... where otherwise they never would have smelt the faintest whiff of each other's buttholes. (eh sorry, dog-owner moment)

Anyway, here's the near-legendary game in question: (now updated)
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