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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Poosh M Up Rodeo Bagatelle released


PN co-founder
Patrick and tiltjlp announce the release of Poosh M Up Rodeo, a 10 ball Bagatelle with a humorous Western theme. Rodeo is one of Northwestern’s multiple scoring method bagatelle, which added to the fun of the game, as tiltjlp remembers from his boyhood, when he actually played Rodeo with his friends.

While the regular scoring is displayed, the real game was manual as were Home Sale bagatelle. Press R for scoring information and see Table Information for a more complete explanation of scoring methods, as well as more information about bagatelle in general.

Hope you enjoy playing Rodeo as much as I did as a boy some 50 years ago. The semi-circle of pins just above the Home Run flag is worth 5000 points, and is easier to hit than it looks.

Grab it here:


tiltjlp & Patrick


Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
I'm downloading it now... It looks nice, here's a screenshot



PN co-founder
DOH! Thanks Bob, can't believe I forgot to post a SS. Patrick and I have about a dozen or so more Poosh M Ups to make, including a very rare Clown M Up wood bagatelle. And we're staying as true to the origianls as possible, no added pins, and as little enhancement as we can make do with. I've lucked out and found the perfect coding partner, one who loves flipperless as much as I do.

John :oldman


Pinball Wizard
I found a different image for your rodeo table. Here it is ...


  • rodeo_pooshmup.jpg
    40 KB · Views: 475


PN co-founder
Thanks Panda, Patrick and I are planning an update to add a new scoring feature, so I'll probably add this image as an alternate playfield option.



PN co-founder
Patrick and tiltjlp have updated Poosh M Up Rodeo to version 3 with an improved image, thanks to Panda, refinded nudging, additional and more accurately placed pins. But the icing on the cake, thanks to Patrick's coding know-how is the saving and display of the top three high scores, complete with username input. Now you'll know what your best score is, or better yet, know who is the best when you compete with your friends. Below is a new SS.

John :oldman


  • rodeo_830.jpg
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