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Rocketman 1952 (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Rocketman 1952 (Original) VP8 v1.1

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


PN co-founder
With an assist from Patrick, I’m honored to annouce the release of an update to Rocketman1952, which was made by Mack1, with coding and feature help from me. Changes made for 1.1 Update are asa follows:

Many of the kicker directioins have been adjusted, including the Cave kicker, which now sends the ball to the right flipper. The Lanchpad kicker now sends the ball bsck to the top of the playfield, and had a bew sound.

There has been a new undersized bumper added between the Cave and the Barrel targets. Dropping the Barrel targets now activates a pair of 15 second Kickback timers. Negative scoring has been eliminated, with the new scoring detailed next.

Slingshots 25
Rollover lanes 100
Science lab 100
Top bumpers 200
Attacking dome 500
Robot sentry 500
Military Bunker 500
Back alley 500
Launch pad 2500
Out lanes 50
Lava Pit 250
Air strip 250
Runway 250
Car Crash-250
No tresspassing 250
Dead man curve 250
Cave hideout 500
Lunarium Barrels 1000, Rest 2500

Thanks to Patrick for his help in coding the Kickback feature. This update is dedicated to Mack1.

Available only at VP Originals here. An updated VPOH version will be made shortly, along with the Jigglebox and Seven Up tables.



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Pinball Wizard
Thanks John. Nice you get it ready to release.

I'm really sorry about I wasn't able to playtest. I mailed you about, still have NewRocket.zip and Rocketman 2 beta.zip in my download directory. There are 55 more tables in my download directory I still want to try, oldest one from beginning of this year. All vpm! new and updated ones.


PN co-founder
No problem at all Yogi. Mostly it was just a matter of adjusting the kickers until I got them going where I wanted them to go. I think the best new features are the Kickback and having the Launchpad send the ball to the top of the table. I hope to have the 3 VPOH tables ready by the end of this month. Just have to find the time to convert them in between making new tables. Hope everyone likes the update.



Pinball Wizard
Yeah, I'll apologise too, I don't think I offered that much feedback. Keep sending me tables if you want me to test them but I can't guarantee I'll find time. At the moment I'm really busy trying to write the code to Wild Card from scratch, but it does seem to be going ok and I'm learning a lot in a hurry!

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