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Site Status


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Just wanted to inform folks the status of the sites..

PinballNirvana and Pinball-Originals.com are still in the process of the hosting company change, some things work properly and others are flaky.

The latest databases for both sites have been imported, files have been uploaded and DNS changes are underway, hope to get things working properly soon.



Pinball Wizard
Keep up the good work Jon...I'm amazed that you still have the drive to keep this site going...despite all the negativity....


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I don't really have time to read the negativity but a lot of things have been fixed...
One major thing I've been trying to fix since the switch, a lot of the recently added downloads have the wrong url attached to them and need to be corrected..
The old server would accept capital letters within a site link, the new one doesn't so a bunch of the FTP submitted downloads work again.
Used to work if it's actual url was:
All downloads have been verified!

Tested a 28 MB web file upload and it works, the server here and at Pinball Originals have a 100 MB upload limit.

The Chat Room has been fixed, it used to automatically log you in if you were logged in on the site, it works again. (still need to add the mp3 player back)

Postnuke was upgraded during the server switch

A bunch of other stuff was fixed but there is a lot of testing to do...

Check out the new Pinball Nirvana Mp3 Player, it contains pinball Machine mp3's from computerfrk1:


Pinball Player
The site is really loading quickly the past few days as well as navigation within the site. If this keeps up it will be a very nice improvement. :D


Pinball Wizard
I can't verify that. It was very slow here instead. Once the last days I cancelled the connection after 3 minutes waiting time without seeing any site content.

Today (=now) it started at once fast enough directly from the notification mail. Navigation seems to be fast enough too.


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Today is the first day in a long time that PN has loaded reasonably fast for me.... Hooray! P-O seems to always be faster.

Thanks Jon!

I was beginning to think you were trying to host too much stuff and was going to suggest that you stop hosting FP tables. The FP authors really don't post or start threads about their tables anywhere except FPF, so maybe they should have their own hosting site. Just a thought.... I'm not anti FP.


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I noticed a speed increase when the sites switched servers but the biggest change seemed to happen yesterday or the day before. (BTW, PN was unreachable during parts of this timeframe)

The process of transferring the domain registrars from some company in Germany started a couple of weeks ago and i was notified that it finally happened on Wednesday.


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I just wanted to say that the site is really speedy now. I can not see any difference to other forums/sites anymore.

Well done there,...seems like the move has really payed this time,...:sonic:

(Even the smilie-window loads up pretty fast now,...)
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