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Soundtrack project v1.0 almost done


pinball music recreator
Well after 90 days of categorizing and picking out the best games I can get and of course having a few frustrations in between I am almost finished with the individual game soundtracks. Some may notice that there are some missing that is because there is not enough music on the ROM to work with so they will be bypassed until the next set of soundtacks which will feature game sounds integrated in with the soundtracks. I will continue with the retro superpaks as this will be the gateway to the next group. I have received a couple of requests by email for certain games that haven't been done yet and either I have just released them or they will have to wait until the next set. Also the next set will be released a lot slower as it takes a lot of time to do editing and such to make it come out right so if you don't see anything new after the last superpak is released just wait and more will be coming. Looking at probably mid Feb to late Feb before the first sound and music set is released.


pinball music recreator
I have successfully done the sound mix for the first game. Although you will have to wait until tonight to know which one is first. I will post a release thread here and at VPForums when I have uploaded it but keep in mind it is a Beta version only. I will give you a hint though as to the first game it is a Williams game made in 1990
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