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The PN Downloads Page is Broken


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It has been stuffed up by a very large entry for Gorgar, and I can't blame him. For whatever reason the Table image is on the right side of the page, out of place, EDIT: No, that part is Okay!...while the entire entry has broken the page format, with navbar links no longer appearing as they should. Here:


It needs to go on a diet. :yes:

EDIT: Might be the copy/paste for the Visual Pinball 9.2.0 (Standalone EXE) 9.2.0http://www.pinballnirvana.com/UpDownload-req-getit-lid-2345.html entry broke the format, or...who knows?
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Thanks for the info sleepy!

I think I fixed it, guess that page didn't like lines of (*'s) that were used to beak up the paragraphs.


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Okay, funky stars going on, fixed it by replacing lines of:

with a single * and they show up as dots
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