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VP8 Data East SS Recreation The Who's Tommy (Data East 1994) 3.1 released

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Ok, first big thanks to *** Destruk *** for figuring out the strange problems that we encountered during the update. What would we do without him, he's awesome!

El Condor changed the ball saucer as PD suggested. Now the ball won't disappear when shot to the kicker hole.

I also fixed the shooter lane problem. I accidentally left the wall41 too low in the previous release and the ball bounced back from it when plunged. Now it shoots the ball like it should. When autoplunged, the diverter raises and stops the ball movement just like it should.

I also made some minor detail work in the graphics. The "rugged" side of price card decal bothered me, just like the plunger graphics. Fixed now. Otherwise, the gameplay is unchanged.

Have fun.


Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
It looks great, I played 2 games, but I can't enjoy it because I can't really hear the Rom... Has anyone fixed this yet or is the Rom sound still not adjustable.
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