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VIP Update 8.1_1.59


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As promised; here is the brandnew Visual Install Pack including all the latest and greatest stuff available.

Big Thanks are as always going out to everyone involved with the creation and maintenance of all parts included; if it wasnt for them then the VIP would not exist either!

Changelog VIP 8.1_1.59:

● VisualPinMAME updated to 1.59

● Revised gts1.vbs added / Old one kept as 'gts1.vbs.old'

● Installer registers .vpt files to VisualPinball (again)

● Original file-icons for .vpt files added (again)

● Tables can be started by doubleclicking the .vpt

● VIP-Uninstaller now offers to uninstall VPinMAME as well

When a .vpt is right-clicked:

● Tables can be started via the context menu

● Tables can be opened for editing via the context menu

● VP Editor can be opened (empty) via the context menu


With the 'click-vpt-to-start-table' function incorporated, this VIP build is now as full-featured as can be.

For questions, suggestions, etc. please post in this thread.

Thank You and Have Fun.

@John: You probably download the file from my sig anyway, however, if you want me to upload it here somewhere myself just tell me where,...
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