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BattleToads (Original)

SS Original Table FP BattleToads (Original) v1.3

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by ghostmachine
at 2014-08-08
Type Recreation (videogame)
Editor Independent Arts Software GmbH
Date 2014

FP Physics 1.0

Yes. Another table is here. This one took a while. It even has a couch. Anyone that wants to use the couch model for their gameroom is free to use it. So back in the 90's i used to play the real BattleToads on Genesis, so i said why not make a pinball table about it. And here it is. Of course, improvements and upgrades are welcome.

Table has been tested and played for about 8 hours - give or take. So it is about 90% ball stuck free. And plays really well on the small playfield.

So have fun.
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