Big Brave (Gottlieb, 1974)

Gottlieb EM Recreation FP Big Brave (Gottlieb, 1974) v5.0

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by Greywolf, Popotte
at 2009-02-20
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977)
Tradename Gottlieb
Date 1974-06
IPD No. 234

A large hatchet-wielding Native American takes center stage while the other yipping hooting natives join in or watch in the background. Possibly offensive to some sensitive Native Americans. Main colours on backglass are blue, cyan, red and white.

1 bank of 5 drop targets.
2 pop bumpers, independently lit and triggered.
3 letters to score
3 star rollovers matching the letters
4 feature lanes
2 feature targets
1 varitarget
bonus to 15,000
Insert coin (5) or press start (1) to start game. Wait for machine to reset before pressing start for second player.

Making B-I-G lights drop target bank for SPECIAL.

Knocking drop targets down awards 5,000 points and SPECIAL if lit.

B-I-G lanes score 500 points, add bonus and light various targets, lanes and corresponding star rollovers for increased value.

B lights the left pop bumper.

G lights the right pop bumper.

Knocking the varitarget all the way back scores 5,000 points and 5 bonus advances.

A Tilt does not disqualify a player.

Matching last two numbers in score with lit number on back glass at end of game awards 1 replay.
Pressing R (repeatedly) displays rules and scores.
Pressing C allows configuration of various game items (balls per game, replay scores, etc).
Pressing P turns the power off and on.
Pressing K is a slam tilt as though one were kicking the game.

No pixels were permanently damaged in the production of this game.

Revision 3.2 is the first release of this game as i release my games as an entire project.
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