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Bingo2 / Continental, based on Continental (Bally, 1980) & Star Continental 2000 (Sirmo, 1997) VP8

VP8 Bally EM Bingo Flipperless Recreation Bingo2 / Continental, based on Continental (Bally, 1980) & Star Continental 2000 (Sirmo, 1997) VP8 2020-01-28

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(06/26/04 Added Doc Flipr's Instructions ver. 0.7.03, renamed zip file from Bingo2 to Continental.zip)

Bingo 2 Instructions (Continental) (Ver 0.7.01)

This machine combines features from two solid State Bingo machines, Bally's Continental (Dec 80), and Sirmo's Star Continental 2000 (Jan 97).

Some additional keys are used in this VPinball game as noted.

Before beginning play, set the TILT sensitivity; use the Page Up and Page Down keys. 1 is most sensitive, 9 is least sensitive. 0 which comes before one, is no TILT at all.



Object: To build up credits on the credit display, located in the lower right of the backglass. Before you get paid off, remember to subtract from this number the amount of coins you inserted (shown at bottom left of screen).

1) Push R(ed) key to start machine. This will deliver a ball to the shooter and lite the first Bingo card; it will post odds in the 3, 4 and 5 in line boxes on Card 1.

You will be trying to shoot five balls into numbered holes on the
playfield. They will light corresponding numbers on the backglass. Try to get 3, 4, or 5 numbers in a row on the backglass cards.

Numbers must be ADJOINING each other connected by a line. Only highest score per card registers.

2) Push R(ed) key additional times to play additional coins, which are totaled at bottom left of screen. Play as many (or as few) coins as you wish.

Coins 2 thru 6 lites Cards 2 thru 6.
Coins 7 and 8 lites Diagonals on Cards 1, 2, 3 and Cards 4, 5, 6.
Coins 9 and 10 lites a Magic Number for Cards 1, 2, 3 and Cards 4,5,6. Hitting the Magic Number will DOUBLE the odds on that card.
Coin 11 lites DOUBLE-DOUBLE payoff on one card. Hitting the Magic Number will QUADRUPLE the odds on that card.
Coins 12 and 13 lites Special Playfield scoring.
Coins 14 and above increases the odds on each card in turn, or lites a feature like '4 corners score as 5 in line' or a SUPER LINE. (SUPER LINE scores 2 as 3, 3 as 4, 4 as 5.) Or,a coin might lite a playfield button to lite the CORNERS or SUPER LINE Feature. You may play a maximum of 20 coins per card.

After playing the 13th coin, you may press the (G)old key to play another coin and lite the Golden Star Game. Each additional press plays another coin and increases the Golden Star Game odds. A maximum of 20 coins may be played. When lit, after shooting your first ball, five Gold numbers will lite in a star pattern on one of the cards. 2, 3, or 4 in the Golden Star will score as indicated.

3) Now begin the game by shooting the first ball. Use the 3 different "nudges" (up, left & right) to affect ball travel; they will only do this when the ball contacts a playfield post, not when it's rolling. Try to lite 3, 4, or 5 in a row on the backglass, on any cards you have lit.

4) After you have shot at least two balls, look into the holes on the playfield for lights which indicate a 'hit'. Cycle thru the potential 'hits' by using the left & right arrow keys. The amount of each payoff is shown on the backglass. Try to make the 'hit' with your next ball(s).

5) After shooting the fifth ball, you may try to improve your game with 1 to 3 EXTRA BALLS. The maximum payoff on the next ball is shown, as well as the cost of an EXTRA BALL. If you wish to buy it, press the Y(ellow) key. You may buy up to 3 EXTRA BALLS.

6) When you are finished with your game, you may buy an X-GAME with the same features and odds as your last game by pushing the X key. The cost is shown.

7) You may start a new game for one coin by pushing the (R)ed key.
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