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Black Jack (Bally, 1978) VP9

VP9 Bally SS Recreation Black Jack (Bally, 1978) VP9 v1.0 [16-9] 2020-01-28

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Leon Spalding
Bally 1978
IPD No. 309

New Beat the Dealer Scoring
Beat the Dealer lights advance from 2X to Special each time player beats the dealer by shooting ball in Kickout Hole when Player's Hand is equal to or above Dealer's Hand. Player's play strategy is to contact targets and other skill objectives which advance Player's Hand, avoid ball contact with targets which advance Dealer's Hand.

Beat the Dealer Specials
Ball shot in Kickout Hole with Special lit, by beating the dealer, as described above scores Special.

Beat the Dealer Extra Balls
Ball entering out hole with Same Player Shoots Again lit returns to shooter as extra ball. Signal is lit by ball shot in Kickout Hole with Extra Ball lit in Beat the Dealer sequence described above.

Double, Triple, Quintuple Bonus
Bonus advances from 1,000 to 20,000, is collected by ball entering outhole, and may be doubled, tripled, multiplied by 5 if collected with multiplier light lit. Multipliers are the three lower values in Beat the Dealer sequence.

Dozen Ways to Build Score
Fascination of casino blackjack, plus fantastic bonus, plus a dozen different ways to score, insures continuous repeat play, top earning power. Get your share. Get BLACK JACK today.

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