Blast Off (Williams 1967) VP9.21

VP9 Williams EM Recreation Blast Off (Williams 1967) VP9.21 2021-11-13

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Blast Off (Williams 1967)
IPD No. 320

- There are some animated reel issues with this VP9.21 conversion. There are two versions here you can try which may look different. Hit the "History" button above to choose either.
- Due to changes in later VP9 versions, the ball image will probably disappear if you run under a higher version, like VP995.
- If you want to help troubleshoot, paste a screenshot in the discussion thread and state the VP9 version you're using to run the table.
- Original table is here, which runs under VP8. Looks perfect, but doesn't have the enhanced VP9 physics.

--@Furio and @Isaac Sauvage
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