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Blue vs Pink (Original) v1.0

Point system: Each side of the playfield has its own score tally. At the end of every game, the winning side is logged and the standings will periodically be shown on the display when the game is not in play. A total score tally is also kept for high scores.

Skill Shot: Every time you launch the ball, you are awarded 10000 blue points, 10000 pink points, or an advance extraball award.

Lock and Multiball: Complete any target bank to advance L-O-C-K, but be careful - every time you complete a target bank, the bank on the opposite side of the playfield also resets! Once you complete L-O-C-K, shoot the top ramp kickout holes to lock balls. Once you have locked both balls, the center hole will be lit to start multiball. During multiball, the top ramp kickout holes are worth 100K!

Quick Multiball: Shoot the loop on the lower playfield to advance Q-U-I-C-K. Once completed, the loop will be lit to start quick multiball (2 ball multiball). During Duick multiball, the loop is worth 20K!

Extra Ball: You can advance the extra ball target lane by:
1. The skill shot
2. Shooting the center target, then shooting the ball into the center hole before time runs out.
3. Hitting the jet bumpers 50 times (if an extra ball has already been awarded, completing 50 jet bumpers will award 100K!)

Bonus Multiplier and Kickback: Both inlanes light the bonus multiplier and the relight kickback lights (if kickback is not already lit) on the opposite side of the playfield of that inlane. You have a limited amount of time to shoot the lower scoops for the Bonus multiplier or the left or upper deck entrance holes to relight kickback. When kickback is lit, the flippers will move the lit kickback to the opposite side of the flipper that was pushed. Kick back is also relit at the start of each ball and when either multiball mode is activated.
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