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Cactus Canyon (Midway, 1998) VP9 v1.0.9 Sun mod
by PacDude, SunWizard
IPD No. 4445

Revision History:
V 1.0 (Released 11/29/2004)
- First Public Release
V 1.1 (Released 8-5-2005)
- Flippers are now exactly even
- New Plunger Animation
- A few other minor changes
V1.2 (Released 4-17-2006)
- Sharpened playfield and plastic
- Updated backdrops and rails
- Adjusted backbox perspective
-SunWizard update 1.0 for VP9:
Expanded 20% width and height, and moved all parts to match.
Fixed where ball got stuck:
the drops into inlanes, the plunger loop.
Right ramp widened to match factory drawing.
Outlane posts moved to match drawing.
Adjusted elasticity of droptargets, ramps, and some walls to work better with VP9 physics.
Used flipbook animation so droptargets mask the ball properly.
Added a clear top to prevent left ramp flyoff.
Fixed a bug where ball could get trapped, hidden behind center ramp.
Higher res. playfield and some lights.
Made all ramps more visible.
Made left pop bumper not penetrate ramp.
Made left quick draw targets visible.
Quick draw lights didn't flash properly.
Corrected a light that said Combo, should be Bounty.
PacDude's notes:
-Press F6 for Options Menu during the game

-I recommend if you feel this table is worthwhile to play and that you'd probably pay money to play it if it were commercial or if you'd like to thank the author, that you consider making a donation to a reputable charity. Remember that not everyone is as well off as you are to have a computer to play games on. Some people don't even have basic needs in this world like food and shelter. Obviously, this is just a voluntary request by the table author who'd like to see some good come out of his time that he donated for free to recreate this table for the pinball community. Even if you don't like the game, consider donating anyway. You'll feel better about yourself.

Table Notes:

-This table is a brand new version of Cactus Canyon, unrelated to any other versions of Cactus Canyon for VP. V1.0 is the first public release of this table. Note that like with all VPM tables, you should have legal copies of the rom sets to actually play the table. These do not come with the table and should NEVER be distributed with it. Use this product at your own risk. The author assumes no responsibility for this product's use or misuse thereof.

- There are three backdrops available in the game. The default is "back_glass" and is based on the backglass for the actual pin. The other two are "back_room1" and "back_room2" and shows the table in two different game rooms (one with a window and one very dark against a brick wall). These can be selected from VP's backdrop menu.

- There are alternate cabinet rails and lockbars included as well. Select the side rails in the table editor in turn (e.g. select the left rail's image and change it from "Left Rail Dark" to "Left Rail Medium" for instance) and change the images for them and then the lockbar decal image to match (there are currently dark and medium rails available with matching dark and chrome lockbars). It helps to have basic editor skills to make these changes.

-Mods are allowed (as usual with my releases), but please label your tables as such, both in this table info section and the table and zip file names and leave my credits intact. I'd prefer you keep your own RevHistory file with a different name, but including the previous entries prior to your mod.

Note: This table uses VP "Reel" objects for animation and some lighting effects. They are known to sometimes not display correctly on some graphics cards and/or certain drivers. I've got such a card and have taken steps to work around this VP bug, but I can't be certain it will work for all PCs. Disabling DirectDraw acceleration in the Direct X prefs panel in Windows often solves the problem for most people, so you might want to try that if you see major glitches. Just remember to turn it back on when you are done or other programs may perform poorly. Using 16-bit color sometimes helps as well and usually results in smoother play anyway.

-The table looks best at 1600x1200 resolution, but may perform unsatisfactorily on slower PCs at that resolution. although disabling wall lighting effects (or eve sound) can help regardless of resolution.

Cactus Canyon VP Table Options Menu Settings:
This menu is accessed by pressing F6 during the game and controls actual VP table related options I've provided.

Disable Menu:

Lights - This option will disable all playfield lights. It will also save a bit of cpu time (helpful during wizard mode on slower computers, particularly if combined with disabling flashers).

Flashers - This option will disable all table flashers. It will save a bit of CPU time during times when the flashers would be heavily active.

Fading Light Effect - This turns off the fading light effect the table normally uses for most lights to simulate incandescent bulb cooling. Lights will immediately go dark instead of fading out. It will also use a bit less CPU power so the table should run a bit faster.

Fading Flasher Effect - This turns off the fading flasher light effect the table normally uses for flashers. Lights will go dark immediately instead of fading out (similar to fading light option).

Menu At Start - Selecting this option will disable the option menu from popping up when you first start the table. You can still bring up the options menu with the F6 key during the game, but to use a different rom you will need to exit the table and restart it before it takes effect.

Yield Time - Turns off the Yield Time check in the script whereby Vpinmame 1.20 or greater gets yield time applied to it, which helps smooth the gameplay on most computers. Other (usually faster) computers will perform worse with it on and so it should be disabled if you get choppy gameplay. This requires an exit and restart for it to take effect. If you get choppy gameplay with it on and off you probably either have a slow computer or something else is wrong in your setup. The default yield value is 1 and can be found at the top of the table script. A setting of 2 sometimes works better on some computers, particularly if the computer is fast enough and there are sound hiccups.

Enable Menu:

Drop Target Decals - When checked, the four "bad guy" drop targets will have the original art decals applied to them showing a different character for each drop target instead of the plain yellow drop targets that shipped with most Cactus Canyon games from the factory. Many Cacctus Canyon owners have applied them to their machines post-facto, though.

Apparently, the decals made it hard to see the drop targets when they popped up as they tended to blend in with the playfield. The same issue exists here to some extent, but it's up to you whether you prefer to see images on the drop targets or not.

Table Difficulty
This menu allows you to select either a "Normal" or "Hard" difficulty setting. Some of the features for either setting can be customized at the top of table script where indicated. Flippers can be adjusted directly (there are two overlapping pairs on the table marked for difficulty)

The deault NORMAL setting uses flippers with black rubbers and a lower power setting (0.7), a table slope of 7 and sets the outlane posts to their low setting

The default HARD setting uses flippers with red rubbers and a higher power setting (1.1), a table slope of 9 and sets the outlane posts to their high setting. It also features a stronger maximum plunger speed.

Select Rom
This menu will allow you to select a different game rom for Cactus Canyon. The available choices are:

L-3 - Latest Rom Revision
L-2 - 2nd public Rom Revision

L-3 Rom Changes from L-2
* Fixed problem were right loop shots were falsely credited to the player.

* Fixed a condition on the Mine where the motor would run if the player was playing Gold Mine Multiball, with Motherlode Lit, and tilted on his last ball.

* Fixed a condition on the Train where the motor would run if the player was playing Polly Peril, with the train running, and tilted on his last ball.

---You will need to exit the table and start it up again for the changes to take effect if selected from the options menu during a game (not neccessary when selecting it from the menu before the table starts, assuming the start menu option hasn't been disabled).

Rev History:
V 1.0 (Released 11/29/2004)
- First Public Release
V 1.1 (Released 8-5-2005)
- Flippers are now exactly even
- New Plunger Animation
- A few other minor changes
V1.2 (Released 4-17-2006)
- Sharpened playfield and plastic
- Updated backdrops and rails
- Adjusted backbox perspective
(Modified version of Brian Taylor's Rulesheet with some minor descriptive and corrective changes. Brian's Rulesheet was compiled from the official website rule descriptions which can be found here:


The ultimate objective of Cactus Canyon is to complete the High Noon at the OK Corral mode. This requires that all components of the Sheriff's Badge be lit.

See the High Noon at OK Corral section for details on completing this final mode.

Playfield Description

Plunger: The plunger sends the ball careening through a loop called the Lasso.

Skill Shot: When plunged into play, the ball will spin, and the Skill Shot award will rotate on the dot matrix display. When the ball falls through to the right inlane ramp, the Skill Shot meter will stop and you will receive the bonus indicated on the display.

Left/Right Inlanes: The left and right inlanes will activate Quick Draw mode if Quick Draw has been lit.

Bronco Loop: The Bronco Loop is located at the far left of the playfield. You can shoot it to score Buckin' Bronco, Wild Ride, and Ride 'em Cowboy.

River Adventure Ramp: The River Adventure Ramp is located at the left of the playfield, just to the right of the Bronco Loop. You can shoot it to score White Water, Water Fall, and activate Save Polly Peril mode.

Bonus Multiplier: The Bonus Multiplier lanes are located at the top left of the playfield, easily accessed by shooting the Bronco Loop. There are two Cactus lights that must both be lit to advance the bonus multiplier by one.

The Gold Mine: The Gold Mine is located at the left center of the playfield, immediately to the right of the River Adventure Ramp.

In normal operation (nothing else is lit), the gold mine will begin in a closed (down) position and is used to the light the ball lock there. The mine will gradually move upward and thus open as you hit it. Once a ball is shot into the mine, the lock shot is lit at the Gold Mine. The mine is then fully opened and shooting a ball there again will lock a ball. Locking three balls at the mine (or through a combination with skill awards) will start Gold Mine Multiball.

The Gold Mine is also used to collect the Extra Ball when it's lit. The mine will normally open itself at that time so you can score the shot (regardless of its condition for lighting locks). When the Mother Lode is lit (akin to a Super Jackpot), the door to the mine will repeatedly open and close, making for a reasonly difficult shot (you must have good timing in addition to good aim). The Gold Mine also starts the "High Noon at the OK Corral" (wizard mode) when the Sheriff's Badge has been completed.

The Train Ramp: The Train Ramp is in the center of the playfield, immediately to the right of the Gold Mine. It feeds into the left inlane. You can shoot it to score Catch Train and Stop Train. You can also shoot it to score Gold Mine Multiball and
Stampede Multiball, as well as score a jackpot during High Noon.

The Bart Brothers: The Bart Brothers target is located at the upper right of the playfield, immediately to the right of the Train Ramp. You can shoot the target to attack the Bart Brothers in sequence. There are three Brothers to defeat: Big Bart,
Bandelero, and Bubba Bart.

Sharpshooter Loop: The Sharpshooter loop is on the right of the playfield, to the immediate right of the Bart Brothers target. You can shoot it to score Good Shot, Marksman, and Gunslinger awards. You can also shoot it for a jackpot during Gold
Mine Multiball, Stampede Multiball, and High Noon.

Bank Robbery Ramp: The Bank Robbery Ramp is on the far right side of the playfield. You can shoot it to score Sound Alarm, Shoot Out, and activate Save Polly. This ramp feeds into the right inlane. You can also shoot it for a jackpot during Gold
Mine Multiball, Stampede Multiball, and High Noon.

Bad Guy Targets: There are four Bad Guy pop-up targets scattered across the center of the playfield. One will pop up during the Quick Draw and Gunfight modes, and all four will appear during Showdown Multiball and High Noon.

Shoot to Collect: The Shoot to Collect indicator is located at the right-center of the playfield, in front of the Sharpshooter and Bank Robbery Ramps and above the Rank and Sheriff's Badge indicators. When items under this indicator are lit, shoot various targets to collect the prize. When Extra Ball is lit, shoot the Gold
Mine. When Bounty is lit, shoot the Bart Brothers. When Jackpot is lit, look for the various jackpot lights.

Play Modes/Mechanics

Lasso Skill Shot

When a new ball appears, the player must pull the plunger to launch it through the lasso (skill bowl). The number of times the ball rotates through the lasso depends on the strength with which the plunger is pulled. As the ball careens in the lasso, the
DMD will show a rotating display of potential awards. When the ball slows and falls through to right inlane ramp (and then the playfield), the rotation stops and one of the following Awards is granted:

Light Quick Draw
Light Gunfight
Light Extra Ball
Light Bounty Award
Complete Bronco Loop
Complete River Adventure Ramp
Complete Train Ramp
Complete Sharpshooter Loop
Complete Bank Robbery Ramp
Increase Rank
Increase Bonus Multiplier by 3
1,000,000 Points
Light Lock (or, if already lit, Award Lock)

Bonus Multiplier
The Bonus Multiplier can be increased by the following methods:

- Complete the two lanes in the back left corner. When both cactus lights above the lanes are lit, the lights will go off and the bonus multiplier will increase by a factor of 1.

- Receiving the Bonus X 3 award in the Lasso Skill Shot.

- Receiving the Bonus X 5 award from a Bounty.

Earn Your Rank
The Rank indicators are a panel of five lights that arc around the Sheriff's Badge indicator at the center of the playfield. You begin the game at Stranger rank, but you can advance your rank through the Bounty Award, the Lasso Skill Shot, or by
winning a Gunfight. The rank progression is as follows: Stranger, Partner, Deputy, Sheriff, and Marshal.

A higher rank yields more potential points during Quick Draw and High Noon at the OK Corral.

Extra Ball

The Extra Ball can be lit by completing Save Polly Peril mode, through the Lasso Skill Shot, and by starting the Showdown Multiball mode.

The Extra Ball can be collected by shooting the Gold Mine.

Quick Draw

The Quick Draw mode can be lit by the Bounty Award, the Lasso Skill Shot, or by the upright targets on either side of the center of the playfield. The Quick Draw mode is triggered by the inlanes, but the ball doesn't stop. When Quick Draw is activated, you must hit the Bad Guy target that pops up as quickly as possible.

The points awarded for successfully completing a Quick Draw vary by your current rank. The awards start at the following values, then decrease with time down to 50,000 points.

Rank Award
Stranger 500,000
Partner 750,000
Deputy 1,000,000
Sheriff 1,500,000
Marshal 2,000,000

When a Bad Guy is hit in Quick Draw, it will stay lit. When all four Bad Guys are hit during Quick Draw, the Showdown Multiball mode will start.

Completing Quick Draw will also light a Bounty award.


The Gunfight mode can be triggered by the Bounty Award, by the left outlane (when lit), or by defeating one of the Bart Brothers. Gunfight is triggered by the outlanes, and the ball will be stopped. A Bad Guy target will pop up, and you must
hit it quickly in order to complete the mode. Completing Gunfight will advance your Rank.

Save Polly Peril

The Save Polly Peril mode can be activated by completing one of the three Ramps (River Adventure, Train, or Bank Robbery). The object of this mode is to prevent the train from reaching the end of the tracks and possibly causing Polly's premature demise. To accomplish this, you must shoot the River Adventure Ramp and/or the Bank Robbery Ramp the number of times indicated on the DMD. To slow the train down and give yourself more time to stop it, you can shoot the Train Ramp. If you successfully Save Polly from Peril, the Extra Ball will be
lit at the Gold Mine.

Collect Your Bounty

You can light the Bounty Award through the Lasso Skill shot or by defeating a Bad Guy in Quick Draw mode. To collect the bounty, shoot the Bart Brothers target.

The possible Bounty awards are as follows:

Light Extra Ball
Light Gun Fight
Light Quick Draw
Light Lock (if Lock is already lit, Award Lock)
Plus x5 Bonus Multiplier
Increase Your Rank
Points (250,000-1,000,000)

Battle the Bart Brothers

Battle the Bart Brothers is a continuous mode in the game (similar to the saucer in Attack from Mars and the castle gate in Medieval Madness). You must shoot and hit the Saloon shot (the entrance to where the the giant mechanical Bart sits). Shooting this shot and/or the giant mechanical Bart will light the mode if it's not already lit. Once lit, a strong shot to the Saloon will go up a mini-ramp and hit Bart in the face and activate a switch that sends him into motion (it moves left and right and the hat will fly up in the air). A weaker shot will enter the ramp well into the Bart Popper and still trigger a blow to the Bart Brother a couple of seconds later. The ball will then exit into the right orbit behind Bart. There is also a secret entrance to the ball popper located behind the center ramp. A weak shot to the orbit will sometimes land a ball in it and act as if you had shot the saloon shot directly. After a successful attack on Bart, the DMD will display the number of hits remaining to defeat the current Bart Brother.

There are three Bart Brothers to defeat: Big Bart, Bandelero, and Bubba Bart.

This mode is one of the five requirements to activate the High Noon at the OK Corral final mode. You must defeat all three Bart Brothers to light Get Bart Bros on the Sheriff's Badge.


Combo is another continuous mode. There is a Combo light on each of the three ramps and two loops on the playfield. The Combo light is lit for a brief period after every ramp or loop shot. Shooting a ramp or loop when the Combo light is lit will increase your Combo total by one. The more Combos you hit at a time, the faster the Combo lights will go out on successive attempts.

This mode is one of the five requirements to activate the High Noon at the OK Corral final mode. You must collect 10 Combos to light Combo on the Sheriff's Badge.

Gold Mine Multiball

In order to activate Gold Mine Multiball, you must first lock three balls in the Gold Mine. Lock must be lit to do this. If Lock is not lit, it can be lit by either shooting the Gold Mine, the Lasso Skill Shot, or through a Bounty Award (balls can also be directly locked by a Bounty Award).

During Gold Mine Multiball, the Jackpot is lit on each of the three Ramps and two Loops. After a Jackpot is scored, the Mother Lode is lit. To score the Mother Load, shoot the Gold Mine while it's open (it will keep opening and closing). At this point, shooting another jackpot will again enable the Mother Lode. Each Jackpot must be hit once in order to reset the Jackpot lights, at which point they can all be scored again. Every time all five Jackpots are hit, the Mother Lode value multiplier increases. The mode ends when you no longer have at least two balls in play.

Mother Lode

The Mother Lode is part of the Gold Mine Multiball mode. After shooting a ramp or loop to collect a Jackpot, the Mother Lode is lit. To collect the lit Mother Lode, shoot the Gold Mine when it opens.

The Mother Lode is one of the five requirements to activate the High Noon at the OK Corral final mode. Once you collect a Mother Lode, the Mother Lode light is lit on the Sheriff's Badge.

Showdown Multiball

To activate the Showdown Multiball mode, you must defeat all four Bad Guy targets in Quick Draw mode. As soon as this is achieved, all four Bad Guy targets will pop up, and the multiball begins. Each Bad Guy target must be hit once before they
all re-appear with a higher point value. This process can be repeated until fewer than two balls remain in play. Starting Showdown Multiball lights the Extra Ball.

Showdown Multiball is one of the five requirements to activate the High Noon at the OK Corral final mode. Once you start the Showdown Multiball mode, the Showdown light is lit on the Sheriff's Badge.

Stampede Multiball

To activate Stampede Multiball, you must complete each of the Ramps and Loops on the playfield. This includes the Bronco Loop, the River Adventure Ramp, the Train Ramp, the Sharpshooter Loop, and the Bank Robbery Ramp. To complete each of these shots, you must collect each award
(i.e. Good Shot for the Sharpshooter Loop) available by shooting a particular shot three times. Once all five have been completed, the multiball begins.

The Jackpot lights for each of the ramps will be lit and can be hit repeatedly until fewer than two balls remain in play.

Stampede Multiball is one of the five requirements to activate the High Noon at the OK Corral final mode. Once you start the Stampede Multiball mode, the Stampede light is lit on the Sheriff's Badge.

High Noon at the OK Corral

High Noon at the OK Corral is the final mode (sometimes referred to as the "Wizard Mode") and the ultimate objective of Cactus Canyon. To activate it, you must complete the Sheriff's Badge by performing the following actions (refer to mode descriptions above for more detailed information on completing these requirements):

1) Score a Mother Lode during Gold Mine Multiball mode.

2) Score 10 Combos by repeatedly shooting ramps and loops.

3) Defeat all three Bart Brothers.

4) Start the Showdown Multiball mode.

5) Start the Stampede Multiball mode.

Once the Sheriff's Badge is completed, High Noon at the OK Corral will be lit in the center of the badge.

To begin High Noon at the OK Corral, shoot the Gold Mine.

When High Noon begins, all of the balls will be kicked into play and will be returned if lost. All of the Bad Guy targets pop up and all of the Jackpot lights are lit. High Noon is a timed mode of 30 seconds, with one additional second awarded for each Bad Guy hit during the game, including those hit in Quick Draw,
Gunfight, and Showdown Multiball Modes.

To complete High Noon at the OK Corral, you must hit 20 Bad Guys before time expires. If you successfully complete this mode, you will be awarded 20,000,000 points and the flippers will stop responding, draining all the balls momentarily and
giving you a brief celebratory breather and a simple animation sequence.

At this point, the Sheriff's Badge will reset and you start over on your quest to rid Cactus Canyon of bandits.
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