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Commander Cody - Lost in Space (Original)

SS Original Table BAM FP Commander Cody - Lost in Space (Original) v1.2 + DF

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Solid State Machines
Timothy Moffett and Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen have come together to bring you one of the finest @Tii tables I've ever seen!

As usual, this is a target-oriented table set in space. What brings this one to the next dimension are features such as the revolving 'Buck Rogers' ship, a dancing Saturn, fast & fun ball flow, and a delicious little soundtrack. To play this table is to instantly brighten your day, I can almost promise you. :-)

Contained in the ZIP is the original version (FP required), and now a Dynamic Flippered-version (BAM required).

For those interested in the source of the name and the imagery, Lost in Space is Commander Cody's 1975 live album. "CC" are a country rock band founded in 1967 and still performing today as I understand it! I'd actually never heard of them before seeing this table, but checked out some of their music and found it quite enjoyable. (time to start listening to more country rock?)

Just for fun, I've added three more of the band's album covers below. --@Isaac Sauvage
Commander Cody v1.2 + DF.png
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