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De-Icer (Williams, 1949) VP8

VP8 Williams EM Recreation De-Icer (Williams, 1949) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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De-Icer (Williams 1949) VP8
IPD No. 653

A new VP8 Build of the 1949 Williams game De-Icer.

Even at this early stage of his figuring out how to use flippers in his game design, you can see several of Williams' inventive directions already beginning to show. Most obvious is his use of asymmetry, something that became much more extreme in his games just a few years later. Another feature is the TILT reset which was a Williams invention and exclusive feature for several years. Harry Williams invented the original TILT feature many years earlier, and how tilting interacted with game play (i.e. how much nudging was allowed) was something he remained focused on. De-Icer was one of the first games where tilting didn't end the game, but only the ball in play.
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