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Doctor Maboul (Milton Bradley)

EM Flipperless Recreation FP Doctor Maboul (Milton Bradley) v1.0 2020-01-28

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
Milton Bradley Games by Patrick and tiltjlp Patrick & tiltjlp have released a FP version of a bagatelle that was ported to VP this past fall. Doctor Maboul is based on the board game Operation, and the actual bagatelle that inspired own recreation was built into a shampoo bottle that Patrick purchased while on vacation. The FP version is a near duplicate of the VP version, with the exception that sounds are not support for pegs yet in Future Pinball. When sounds are finally assignable to pegs, Doctor Maboul will be updated to include them. While this is the 2nd flipperless game in FP, it is the 1st true recreation of a bagatelle. In making Doctor Maboul, Patrick wanted to keep the file size under 1 MB, as well as make use of the semi transparent option for the scoring cups.

Very simply, nudge each of 5 balls into the highest scoring cups. Cup values are:

Cup 1 = 10
Cup 2 = 20
Cup 3 = 30
Cup 4 = 30
Cup 5 = 30
Cup 6 = 50
Cup 7 = 50
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