Dr Rollover's Laboratory (Original) VP9 20th Anniversary Edition

VP9 SS Original Table Dr Rollover's Laboratory (Original) VP9 20th Anniversary Edition v1.0

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Dr Rollover's Laboratory (Original) VP9 20th Anniversary Edition v1.0

Releasing this now as time is rare for the next few months. I may make updates and changes, but if I wait for those, it will be a fortieth anniversary edition! This table is celebrating twenty years of Visual Pinball, and is released twenty years after the original version of this table. That original was released to my personal site in 2001, and reworked in 2002 when it was released to the VPF community. With 2021 now upon us, this is to celebrate that enormous passage of time. The original table was my first public release, at a time I really wasn't all that knowledgable about how this stuff all works.

Background ambient lab noise added, and sound effects added are borrowed from other tables I made in the intervening years. Images from my bumper cap packs have been added also. Layout has been modified to play far better than the original table from twenty years ago.

There are a variety of design touches intended as tributes to the last twenty years. For example, the yellow lane marker graphics are designed to be reminiscent of the broken vertices issues which sometimes effected objects in vp7 (this time without breaking the table.) The flipper region is greatly changed from the original, with the addition of three additional flippers - two as tandems to the normal ones plus a left lane gate type.

There is a new multiball - triggered by lighting three targets across the centre line. One of those targets also comprises a skill shot. The font for the score panels is in there, install it by double clicking the file if you don't have it already.

And an enormous amount of tweaking under the hood to get things working as they should. A bunch of fixes to ensure the rollover mode plays correctly. For example, in the rare case you hit the drain during rollower mode, the ball will kick instead of drain. The centre wall will now drop if the ball is beyond it in rollover mode and rols to it, instead of trapping the ball. A lot of other tweaks ensure the modes will not break the gameplay.

Feel free to mod, make fullscreen versions, whatever.
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Very nice fluid table. I especially love the lightning images after hitting the bumpers :) Thank you.
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