Freedom (Bally, 1976)

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Freedom / IPD No. 952 / July, 1976 / 4 Players
Average Fun Rating:
7.8/10 (24 ratings/18 comments) [ Add Your Rating! ]
Date Of Manufacture:
July, 1976
5,080 units (confirmed)
American Bicentennial
Notable Features:
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), 5-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out holes (2), Spinning targets (2), Standup target (1). End-of-ball bonus.

The Early Production version has a fourth pop bumper instead of the two slingshots.
Art by:
Christian Marche
'Freedom' was produced in both EM and SS versions. See the SS version as Bally's 1976 'Freedom'.

According to the Encyclopedia of Pinball Volume 1, the original lower playfield design, shown in the flyer, was redesigned early in production in response to European buyers who did not like the pop bumper between the flippers. Later, the production backglass was altered to remove "1776" and "1976" in response to American operators who felt that showing dates on the game would soon give it an outdated look, thus reducing its profitability over time.

We previously showed Claude Fernandez as the designer of this game, but he has stated in The Pinball Compendium 1970-1981 that his first game was Williams' 1980 'Blackout'. Greg Kmiec told us he did not design this game either, but seems to remember it was designed by George Christian under the direction of Norm Clark.
Marketing Slogans:
"Start a Revolution! A Profit Revolution!"
- Insert coin and wait for machine to reset before inserting coin for next player.
- 1 extra ball for knocking all targets down.
- 1 replay for each additional time targets are knocked down.
- two saucers and two bottom outlanes score wheel value.
- spinners score 1000 points when lit.
- bottom bumper lites to score 1000 points when spinners are lit.
- tilt penalty - ball in play.
- maximum - 1 extra ball per ball in play.
(flyers & backglass:)​
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