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Friday the 13th (Original) VPX

VPX SS Original Table Friday the 13th (Original) VPX v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Friday the 13th Pinball For VPX. 10.0. This is version 1.0. Includes Cabin, Crystal Lake Forest.. 3d Jason.
New sound effects and music. Upper Level. Scoring functions. DMD scripts.
Enjoy the game. This game is freeware and may not be sold. Game is created by free sources found on the internet.
Game is free to Modify and make into Cab Version. Backglass image is included inside the file.

For Version 1.5 will include Playfield words, More lights, Machete Bonus, 1.5 Update May take a few months.
No time soon.
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