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Frolics (Bally, 1952) VPX

VPX Bally EM Bingo Flipperless Recreation Frolics (Bally, 1952) VPX v1.0

No permission to download
Frolics (Bally, 1952) VPX v1.0
IPD No. 958

Now for VPX and looking mighty fine.

- Fixed plunger and shooter lane.
- Refixed the entire backglass and lighting.
- Removed over 30 decals on the playfield.
- Added lighting on the playfield.
- Redrew ALL the holes on the playfield.
- Fixed the tilt mechanism along with ALL LIGHTS going off
when the machine tilted.
- Added all VPX sounds to the game.

- TO understand Frolics a bit better, READ the INCLUDED left
side card from the playfield which is included as a separate
image in the Frolics VPX zip file.

Have tons of fun.
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