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Garfield (Original)

EM Original Table FP Garfield (Original) v1.0

No permission to download
Electro-Mechanical Machines
by ghostmachine, RipleYYY
at 2014-06-09
Type Original

FP Physics 1.0

Using the layout from Alien 1.1 from RipleYYY.. I remade a new table with orange textures. Creating the Garfield Pinball. I noticed that there wasnt a Garfield pinball, so i found some music clips from googleing the garfield theme, then remixed it using Drumaxx drum machine. This is a plain table i ran out of ideas for it. So if anyone wants to upgrade it, feel free. The scripting was all done by me. I was going to make square LASAGNIAS.. so when the ball goes over them they would disapphear.. and a hungry garfield would say.. mmm.. lasagnia.. if anyone can add this.. it would make the game better.
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