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Gremlins Mega Madness RAPID LOADER (Original)

SS Original Table FP Gremlins Mega Madness RAPID LOADER (Original) v1.1

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by rom, francisco666
at 2012-10-13
Type Original

GREMLINS Mega Madness.

An original by rom & francisco666 based on the "Gremlins" movies.

NEW: Added a version that loads in 8 seconds only!!! You will not notice any differences on the table itself. Give it a try and decide for yourself!!!

-You might want to have High Resolution textures. They are included in the zip file. In the folder called HQ you will find 3 textures.

In the texture manager REPLACE the following textures:

"GremlinsPF2 low" with "GremlinsPF2 HQ"

"Plastics B low" with "Plastics B HQ"

"PlasticsA low" with "PlasticsA lHQ"

(do not delete them JUST replace them. Be aware that they will NOT change the name from "…..low" to "….HQ" in the texture manager. That is normal but the textures ARE replaced. Don't worry about them not changing names.)

-Drag the HUD DMD out of the translite area (completely out of the square in the translite editor).

You have to UNLOCK the HUD DMD before you can drag it. Right click mouse and unlock it.

-SAVE your table and you have a High Resolution table for your cab use.

-I also included a Hyperpin Logo in the zip file.

Now play and have fun…..

-Instruction cards are on the loading screen.

Additional notes:

-Ball saver is disabled as soon as there are more than 3 balls on the playfield. During the WIZARD MODE you'll see why…..

-If a ball is lost or stuck you can press "Q" to get a new ball in the plunger lane. But I have tweaked the table that much so I will probably never happen.

-The table is build and tested for physics 2.4. (But it should work with original physics too. But you might want to lower the flipper and bumper strength for the original physics)
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