Jedi (Star Wars) (Original)

SS Original Table FP Jedi (Star Wars) (Original) 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines
Jedi, an original future pinball table,based on Star Wars by George Lucas and 20th Century fox' films.

Table rules:
Lighting, "S.T.A.R." then "W.A.R.S.", (by hitting targets on the left side),
will light "JEDI" for specials in the very top kickerhole.
(Note: Special lasts 75 seconds, (also there are many small "jedi" bonus' around the table during specials)).
Lighting "V.A.D.E.R." (by hitting star targets(under small red imperial holograms) will Minus 5000 points .
The "lower right vertical drop targets" can get the bonus multiplier to increase,
The upper left kickerhole (behind the emperor droptarget) has a chance for multiball.
Hitting Darth Vader in the roto spinner during specials, gives an additional chance for specials at the top lanes,
(chance lasts 60 seconds, 1 attempt per ball),
replay scores on the table card.
(background music includes some great midi renditions of John Williams Star Wars classics).
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