Jungle Boy (Original)

SS Original Table FP Jungle Boy (Original) v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by PinWizKid , polygame
at 2009-12-19
Type Original

Beat the Bush
Knock the "Stomp Ball" hard enough to shake the Palm Tree. When done it gives you a fruit. Collect 5 Fruits for and Extra Ball

Ball Saver Activation
Lit B-O-Y to have a 30 second peace of mind!

The MiniGame - MonKey Trail : to get there
1. Activate J-U-N-G-L-E : Allow the game to be "Ready"

2. Tackle the gorilla : Each bump give you an extra second of Playtime. the more the better. YOU NEED 15 at least, to start the minigame.

3.Monkey Trail GobbleHole : Shoot toward it to start the game. This is assuming you did the 2 steps above.

The MiniGame - MonKey Trail : What to do
1. Avoid the MONKEYs rushing at you and Collect the GemStone.

2. You move JUNGLE BOY with the left/right Flippers

3. To Cash In your collected Jackpot, you must absolutely hit a TRIBAL MASK.Pay attention to the time you have left. If you run out of it you simply go back to the pinball game itself with no bonus. Be Wise. It's Monkey Business! (pun intended) wink.gif
To ensure proper Gameplay of the Apron Minigame, the Camera Scrolling is Disable
Please Do not mod this table and redistribute it without asking first. Taking any part of it as a base for your own table is strongly encouraged.
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