King Rex (Bally, 1970)

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King Rex / IPD No. 1376 / January, 1970 / 1 Player
Date Of Manufacture:
January, 1970
275 units (confirmed)
Notable Features:
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Mushroom bumpers (2), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (5), Left kickbackoutlane. Pivoting outhole either serves extra ball to shooter lane or kicks it back onto playfield through the flippers, depending on mode of play.

Sound: 1 bell.

Three operator-selected modes of play:

Add-a-ball: extra balls were shown as lit "hieroglyphs" on the backglass, up to five, not affecting the current ball-in-play count. An "Extra Ball" lite on the back glass is illuminated when a ball is won in addition to the hieroglyphic. Free balls are returned to the shooter lane.

Extended Play: Extra balls won are displayed using the hieroglyphs as above, however, the "Extra Ball" lite is NOT illuminated in this mode (possibly to fool Italian authorities.) Free balls are shot directly back to the playfield from the outhole.

Novelty Play: A fixed number of balls per game. No extra balls awarded for Special, only more points.
Design by:
Ted Zale
Art by:
Christian Marche
'King Rex' is an Italian add-a-ball version similar to the replay game Bally's 1969 'King Tut'.

The manufacturer produced the backglasses in both crystal glass and Plexiglas.

This is the first Bally game to use a "dummy zero" as its ones-digit in the score display. Two earlier Bally games, 1965 Fun Cruise and 1966 Deluxe Fun Cruise, used a silkscreened '0' for the ones-digit. Reportedly, the "dummy zero" was not just a plastic score reel segment as was typical of later games but was a full score reel without the mechanism. This plastic reel was kept in place by using an angular piece of metal screwed to the wood of the inside of the backbox. We have no pictures of this dummy reel.
(flyer & backglass below)​
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