Longarm Severed (Original)

EM Original Table FP Longarm Severed (Original) v1.0 2021-05-09

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Longarm Severed (Original) v1.0

This table is a retheme of my old Pern table (the pern table was mever fully completed and was removed from distribution to honor the wishes of the IP holder.) That layout has been tweaked, improved a little, and rethemed to bring you this table themed around the novel, Longarm Severed. An old school EM table, using the "interest Meter" and "translight word light" game mechanics as seen in my Scheherezade table.

3 target bank lights RHSflasher for 3x bumpers
4 target bank lights LHS flasher for 3x loops
5 target bank opens rear lock
hit rear lock to open front lock
hit kick RHS of bumpers to release multiball
Light ALL letters on translite to spell
"CLAUSTRUM MUNDUS" by dropping all targets, to increment table multiplier.
LOOP lights for 15 seconds, double score each shot within that time.
four red lights (outlanes, left kicker chute and RHS channel) to get ball saver.
three top lanes for bonus multiplier

Claustrum Mundus System Points Meter. In the world of Claustrum Mundus you are required to earn points to live, and are taxed points for each day you are there. Should your points reach zero, the system deems you a life wasted, and takes control, makingyou an automaton of the system. So these lights track those points and if you "die" by being taken by the system to become an automoton it's all over for you. This feature tracks your scoring activity. If you do not have enough scoring events (target hit, bumper hit etc) occuring, the meter drops. If you run out of points, you are taken over by the system, so you wont score if it hits zero. So try to keep it moving! If the meter reaches zero (the bottom) you need to be reclaimed from the wardens at the two kickers (bottom left or top right)
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