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Mr. Bubble (Original) VPX Cabinet Version

VPX SS Original Table Mr. Bubble (Original) VPX Cabinet Version v1.0

No permission to download
This is an update of SpookyMuldar's cool table, but I was unable to contact this person to get their permission. Here's the message I sent.

"I love your Mr. Bubble table and music, but I'm a cabinet user. So I made some changes to the table to allow it to be used with a working B2S. I basically put back in the Stern Freefall plumbing and updated the table to use that. So it now behaves as a 4 player machine with multi-ball ball working, but it still looks and sounds like your originally table."

I will remove this table if SpookyMuldar see this and request me to

Note: You also need to create an alias for this table name, so it doesn't use the same settings as Freefall and it loads, To do that update the VPMAlias.txt file (usually in the C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME folder). to add this MrBubble,freefall
  • Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-All.png
    Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-All.png
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  • Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-Table.png
    Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-Table.png
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  • Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-Wheel.png
    Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-Wheel.png
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  • Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-Backglass.png
    Mr Bubble (C-Freefall 1981)-Backglass.png
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