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Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Original)

SS Original Table FP Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Original) v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by stavmone
at 2013-10-06
Type Original

This table is a modded version of The Crawling Eye by Ti.
All credit for table design is given to Ti.
I replaced graphics, sounds, some gameplay elements.
Some parts of the table still reference Ti's table (Crawling Eye) in the routines as it was easier to replace rather than re-code.
Onto the 'why'
I just enjoy MST3K and saw that there wasn't a table for it yet, also saw that a lot of 'electronic tribute' tables sort of miss the mark with too many crazy graphics or sounds so I found a more bare base
table to start on (Ti's amazing The Crawling Eye) and started replacing what I thought was needed to complete a more playable table.

This table is a mod of :
The Crawling Eye 1.0

Set up for 2 monitor full screen, you may need to adjust / scroll lock for your computer

Same as Ti's The Crawling Eye 1.0
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