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Original Flipper (Valco, 1974)

EM Recreation FP Original Flipper (Valco, 1974) v1.2 2020-01-28

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
Original_Flipper1.2 (A. & A. Design Group, Argentina 2004)
IPD No. 5220

Redemption Game
(Van Der Meer)

This is a carnival arcade redemption game located in Holland and made in Italy. Initially, the name of the manufacturer was unknown to us and to the operator, Van der Meer, whom we had contacted at their website for more information. A senior staff member supplied this detailed reply:

The pinball games are the only ones of their kind known in Holland. There are a few in private use, but the rest (36 and 2 in reserve) are in use in the fair by Van der Meer. They are made in Italy but they are sold in the Netherlands by Valco Automatenbouw in [the city of] Bergen op Zoom. They are about 35 years old [as of 2009].
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