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Peter Pan (Williams, 1955) VP99

VP9 Williams EM Recreation Peter Pan (Williams, 1955) VP99 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Peter Pan (Williams, 1955) VP9.9 v1.0
IPD No. 1776

New VP9.9 build of the 1955 Williams game Peter Pan. Designed by Harry Williams with George Molentin artwork, It is not known how many games were produced but this game is rare today. Peter Pan and Wonderland (which was released a month after Peter Pan) comprise the "Williams fairy tale games". Since I did Wonderland three years ago, it seemed I should also do Peter Pan to compare impact of what look like minor playfield variations. It turns out that these changes make game play quite different. The Star feature adds a pure gambling aspect to the game if you choose.
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