Scheherazade (Original)

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
by Anthias
at 2006-01-08
Type Original


Rules for Sheherazade:

3 target bank lights RHSflasher for 3x bumpers
4 target bank lights LHS flasher for 3x loops
5 target bank opens rear lock
hit rear lock to open front lock
hit kick RHS of bumpers to release multiball
Light ALL letters on translite (to spell SCHEHERAZADE) by dropping all targets, to increment table multiplier.
LOOP lights for 15 seconds, double score each shot within that time.
four red lights (outlanes, left kicker chute and RHS channel) to get ball saver.
three top lanes for bonus multiplier


Interest Meter. This tracks your scoring activity. If you do not have enough scoring events
(target hit, bumper hit etc) occuring, the interest meter drops. Like the lady the table is named for,
if you don't keep the king interested he will have you beheaded. So try to keep it moving! If the meter
reaches zero (the bottom) the machine will TILT, ending your ball. Your stories were not amusing the king,
so he had you executed!


The single RHS bumper WILL kick the ball great speeds, distances, and even heights. This is not a bug, but
the intended effect for that bumper, adn the model type was specifically chosen for this purpose.

I am not certain what will happen with FP's treatment of the EM reels when somebody (innevitably) clocks the
machine. My assumption is it will simply roll over allthough the score continues to rise (as with the EM reels
in VP). The HUD score has two extra digits to the reels, which are at FP's maximum width of 7. Hisgh score in
testing phase was 4,500,000 - though this score was an unusual event, better players may clock the table.
Reports at that time would be appreciated.


The music is a remaster (or Retromaster - lol) of the recording available free from the Peabody Institute
website (see the poster in game for address details). I have run various effects on the recording and
adjusted volume levels etc at key points to try to get it to a point where it sounds authentic for the technology
of the EM era - a looping tape in the pinnie that has been running non-stop for who knows how long, while the
machine is jammed up against a counter somewhere, just a little too close to the deep frier.... (lol - kidding :))
While this does not imply terrible quality, noise, or fuz, the quality of the Peabody recordings can not be
judged from this remaster. The original mp3's are excellent - I reccommend you check out the Peabody institute's
music- they did a wonderful job on this symphony.
This table features the first movement of Rimsky Korsakov's symphony titled Sheherazade.
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