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Skill Cards (Giepen Associates Inc., 1957) VPX

VPX Flipperless Recreation Skill Cards (Giepen Associates Inc., 1957) VPX v1.1

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Skill Cards (Giepen Associates Inc., 1957) VPX v1.1
IPD No. 4022

Another new and never released pin machine for Visual Pinball originally drawn but never made for VP until now. Play "poker" or "21". Choose one of four table slopes. Turn the tilt mechanism on or off. The screen is filled with a lot of game play info no matter what you play. Enjoy and have fun.
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  1. Skill Cards, 1957 by Giepen for VPX V. 1.1

    Completely updated. Read the table info for more information. -All card holes are now 3D and...
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