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Space Ship (Williams, 1961) VP9

VP9 Williams EM Recreation Space Ship (Williams, 1961) VP9 v1.0

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Space Ship (Williams, 1961) VP9 v1.0
IPD No. 2259

New VP9 build of the 1961 Williams game Space Ship. Space Ship was released in December 1961. Space Ship was designed by Steve Kordek with art by George Molentin. Only 800 units were produced. By 1961 rockets were real in the public mind and it would only be a couple of years until President Kennedy would announce the race to the moon. Television had made the countdown to launch iconic, and this game uses that theme. The rocket related goal is to count down the four rockets to launch (special) and then cash up to four specials by hitting the lit gobble hole. The lit gobble hole also awards 1,000,000 and is key to getting the score up to replay values.
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