Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.3)

SS Original Table BAM FizX FP Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.3) 1.7

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Solid State Machines
- updated FizX physics code (includes some fixes) and physics xml settings
- removed flipper nudge commands that are no longer needed
- updated table to reflect changes in new physics code and settings
- updated table for FizX physics v3.3 (much more efficient with CPU usage)
- new Debug options that can be enabled / disabled
- use_RayCast_Shadows can now completely disable ray cast shadows (no need to disable in the BAM menu after)
- updated VR room (planet sizes and flyby ship animations)
- refined Yoda animations
- rule change: falcon kicker combo shot no longer instantly levels up (allows SOLO shots to progress correctly for video mode)

Note: this table update requires the new BAM 1.5-373 update (included in my newest FP and BAM Essentials AIO)
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- readded mid left slingshot
- table completely updated for FizX v3.2 physics
- new Lighting settings in TABLE OPTIONS in the table script
- small fixes
- updated PuP-Pack

Note: if using any PUP features, then you must use the new updated PuP-Pack with this new table update! (it won't load any other version)

Remove the old pup-pack and replace it with the new version, then run the OPTION BAT file in the PuP-Pack folder that matches your setup.
- updated table for FizX v3.0
- replaced spinners with new spinner toys and Wecoc's code (now they won't stop balls, etc)
- new built in Static Camera Views for Desktop mode
- small fixes
- new install instructions
- ball rolling sounds changed in table and in pup-pack

- updated FizX physics code to change how ball ID's are handled to prevent conflicts
- updated FizX physics code for more efficient Rubber bounce handling
- updated Ball Rolling Sound code to change how ball ID's are tracked to prevent conflicts
- removed old PUPRollingUpdateTimer commands that are no longer used (would give an error if PinEvent Settings were forced to be disabled)
- added fixes for final shot to destroy Death Star (now you can try the shot again if ball didn't reach Death Star kicker for any reason)
- BB8 ball tracking "should" be correct all the time now
- adjusted Vader kicker wireramp to allow VUK to kick ball correctly into the ramp (sometimes ball would fall back in)
- fixed R2D2 hologram sometimes turning off when it wasn't supposed to (the 30 second countdown, etc)
- various other fixes
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- added new BB8 model for the ball (uses less polygons, head and body sizes are correct)
- optimized many models to reduce the amount of polygons they use
- load time is much quicker as a result of the optimized models
- changed dynamic camera views (desktop only) to better match table events (death star explosion, video mode, etc)
- updated table and physics to FizX v2.0
- updated PinEvent V2 Ball Rolling functions: new singular code for both FP and PUP SSF
- updated PinEvent V2 PinMechSound code to support new FizX auto ball hit events based on PF materials
- removed all triggers and sounds used for ball hit sounds (no longer needed with FizX v2.0)
- added more FLEEP mechanical sounds to support new FizX dynamic ball hit events
- this allows for amazing new dynamic mechanical and SSF sounds for the entire table!
- new FizX code no longer requires flipper Swing Angle to be specified in the FizX Flipper settings!
- FizX slingshots, drop targets, rubbers are now set in the FizX General Settings section (not in a FizX Profile)
- FizX XML_FPS is now set in its own section
- updated FizX Profiles to only change FizX Flipper settings
- there are no longer FizX Profiles used for different physics xml settings
- any settings needed for a different PHYSICS XML FPS is now set in the FizX FPS settings section
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- updated entire table for FizX physics
- added new Yoda animations (thanks Gimli)
- added optional Time Attack Quick Ending to avoid random crash bug when Death Star blows up planet
- fixed Backglass Art options not changing on startup
- fixed chrome ball being partially visible when BB-8 ball is being used
- various table fixes
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