Star Wars Episode I (Williams, 1999)

VPX Williams SS Recreation Star Wars Episode I (Williams, 1999) v1.1

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VPX 10.8 and VPinMame 3.6 Required
3D Anaglyph Screenshot generated using VP 10.8 GL w/ReShade; Red/Cyan glasses

About 4 months ago, I reached out to @xenonph for permission to mod his phenomenal Hankin's Empire Strikes Back table mod. After discussing our love of Star Wars, we decided to pursue a full version of Star Wars Episode 1 (Williams 1999), using ESB as the base. For those familiar with Episode 1, it was the second Pinball 2000 table, the first being Revenge from Mars. Pinball 2000 roms are not available and, to make matters more complicated, the table uses a mirrored playfield and graphics to create a hologram of sorts. While the hologram effect is very cool, we decided not to tackle it with this release, although it may be possible through a Pup Pack, or some playfield effects like we've seen with Wacky Races, Pokemon, etc.

However, instead of the holograms, @xenonph did something amazing...again. If you've watched videos of the original table, you'll hear music from the original trilogy. And sound effects like TIE Fighters. Well, that's not the case with our table-Duel of Fates? You bet. Call outs and sound effects from the Phantom Menace? Totally.

On behalf of my partner in creativity @xenonph, we hope you enjoy our tribute to Episode 1 pinball.

Playfield, 3D Models, Plastics, Backglass: @ryguy417
Music and sound effects, scripting: @xenonph
Desktop testing and improvements: @Cliffy

What's Included
Front-end Media: wheel, launch audio, topper image, topper video
StarWarsTPM music folder: drop this folder in your VPX "Music" folder
Table rom: included for those who don't have it
.res file: @Cliffy's desktop settings
.vbs script: add to your scripts folder

Note: Use magna buttons to change lut


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