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Tetris (Original)

EM Original Table FP Tetris (Original) v0.0 beta

No permission to download
Electro-Mechanical Machines
by ghostmachine, sillybilly
at 2014-06-11
Type Original

FP Physics 1.0

For this table SillyBilly was working on the sounds and textures, and GhostMachine made the table layout, put everything together, and did some testing. We keep getting negative comments and we dont appreceate it after putting together these tables for you to play. Some tables took us 1 week to complete. We stopped working on this table, and we had about 5 more tables being worked on. We will not be uploading any more tables. This one is the last. We will just keep our tables to ourselves, on our hard drive. Its sad that these trolls would ruin your gameplay.

My pinball experience goes back to running Pinball Construction Set, on my 486 pc running Win 3.1 . Back in the early 90's. I have always liked pinball. That is the only reason for making tables, for fun. Trolls will always troll because they dont have nothing better to do, under the bridge they live. TROLL ~ you mad bro ?
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