Whirlwind (Williams, 1990) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Whirlwind (Williams, 1990) VP8 v1.2 MOD

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by LHH Bomb Jack
IPD No. 2765

Feel The Power of the Wind!
Table Notes:
(for Rules and REV History scroll down..)
mod Rev. History:
( changes for BJ MOD v.1.2)
V1.2 BJ mod:
-Add new Flasher reflections Reels for all red Flashers
- Change the alphanumeric Display Colour to more orange
The new Ver 1,2 need mutch mutch more PC performence than the Ver 1.1 (min. Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP 3000 Mhz - better Dual Core Processor with AMD Core Patch) .
For those who have Problems with the Performence it is recommend to keep by ver 1.1

by LHH Bomb Jack (06/30/2009)

mod Rev. History:
( changes for BJ MOD v.1.1)
V1.1 BJ mod:
-Add new Williams Logo on the Flipperfingers based on Reels and change the the Flippers
-Add new GI Lights (Reels) for Plastics on the lower Playfield.
-Add new high res.Slingshot and Outlane Reel Images.

by LHH Bomb Jack (02/22/2009)

mod Rev. History:
( changes for BJ MOD v.1.0)
V1.0 BJ mod:
- Add a new real wall Backbox with brand new Images.
- Add the Alphanumeric 32 x 16 digit Display in the Backbox
-Hide the PinMame Display on Position 1600, 1600
- change the Lights (Cellar Door Value) in the Backbox to Image reel animation and implant it in PD' Light System.
- Depend on the Backboxsize I had to change the view of the table and move some reels and Images.
- Change the colour of the cabinet walls.
- rezise the Flipperfingers and change the Rubber colour to Red.
- Change the Apron and Plunger Cover Decals and add new Rules, Price Cards and some new Images.
- Delete the old cabinetwalls and change to cabinetwalls, witch
were integated in the backdrop, too reach the right colour and better rails.
- Create a new Backdrop with more "windy" details :-).... you can choose between 4 Backdrops (but today there is just this one with interated cabinet walls..the others will follow).
- Add shaddow effect to cabinetwalls
- Add images for the apron rails.
- Add new bumpercaps
- change the plunger cover to newer form in "wpc style"
- Add new Images for all Plastic and the wire Ramps withe integrated Reel Flashers.
- Fake transparent Ramps in the Jet Bumper area.
- Hide the Jackpot Ramp behind tje "Flash&Thunder Backwall Board"
- Add Images for the cellar Door Holes and Signs above.
- Add The Cellar & W/Lit Lamp Reels.
- Add new Plastics Images

Mod by LHH Bomb Jack (10/25/2008)


-Press F6 for Options Menu during the game

- There are tree backdrops available in the game. The default is "back_backglass" and is based on the backglass for the actual pin. The other is "back_room" and shows the table in a room (based on a backdrop originally made by "Bob").

- There are 4 sets of rails available in the image editor (dark, medium and light). Medium is the default. You can change these by clicking on the rails in the editor and selecting a different image for them and also the lockbar decal at the bottom of the table. It helps to have some VP editor experience to do this.

-You may have to resize Vpinmame's DMD display to get it to fit in the backbox (e.g "Compact Mode" with its size restored fits perfectly in 1024x768 resolution)..

- There are alternate cabinet rails and lockbars included as well. Select the side rails in the table editor in turn (e.g. select the left rail's image and change it from "Left Rail Dark" to "Left Rail Medium" for instance) and change the images for them and then the lockbar decal image to match (there are currently dark and medium rails available with matching dark and chrome lockbars). It helps to have basic editor skills to make these changes. The medium rails are the default.

-I recommend that if you feel this table is worthwhile to play and that you'd probably pay money to play it if it were commercial that you consider making a donation to a reputable charity (I recommend the Salvation Army) . Remember that not everyone is as well off as you are to have a computer to play games on. Some people don't even have basic needs in this world like food and shelter. Obviously, this is just a voluntary request by the table author who'd like to see some good come out of his time that he donated for free to recreate this table for the pinball community. Even if you don't like the game, consider donating anyway. You'll feel better about yourself.

-Note that this table is a brand new version Whirlwind. It uses a few script references from the old version (by myself, Fuseball, AJ and Andre) and a few parts I previously created for that version and a few of the same graphic image sources, but is otherwise a brand new layout and script. The new NOS playfield image was provided by MrHide.

-The table uses "Reels" for the flasher effects. It is possible these will not display correctly with some video card drivers. If this happens, changing to 16-bit color sometimes helps. Disabling "Hardware Acceleration" in the DirecDraw panel of the DirectX preferences in the Windows' control panel usually eliminates the problem, but performance often suffers. You can also try turning back the hardware performance for the video card instead. You can ask on any VP forums about your video card and reels to find out more from other users that may have the same card as you.

-Mods are allowed (as usual with my releases), but please label your tables as such, both in this table info section and the table and zip file names and leave my credits intact. I'd prefer you keep your own RevHistory file with a different name, but including the previous entries prior to your mod.

Whirlwind Options Menu Settings:

Country Dips: Dip Switch Setting by Country

Disable Menu:

GI Effects - Turn off Drop Wall based GI Effects. This mainly effecs the plastics. It can save some CPU cycles, especially in conjunction with the playfield effects setting.

GI PlayField Effects - Turn off Drop Wall based Playfield GI effects. This effects the playfield effects. It can save some CPU cycles.

Fading Lights Effect - Turn off the incandescent fading light filament simulator. Checking this will cause the lights to instantly turn off instead of fading out.

Wall Flashers - Turn off wall based flashers (on the back apron). This could save some CPU cycles, especially in conjunction with GI Plastics.

Yield Time - Turns off the Yield Time check in the script whereby Vpinmame 1.20 or greater gets yield time applied to it, which helps smooth the gameplay on most computers. Other (usually faster) computers will perform worse with it on and so it should be disabled if you get choppy gameplay. This requires an exit and restart for it to take effect. If you get choppy gameplay with it on and off you probably either have a slow computer or something else is wrong in your setup.

Enable Menu:
PD_CPU - Rumor has it this little known CPU chip (normally disabled at the factory on real Whirlwinds) conjures elemental forces of both good and evil and offers the possibility of both huge rewards and game death depending on how these elemental powers are used or misused. Beware of the dark side! You've been warned.

Rev History:
V1.4 - Added a new plunger reel animation and
adjusted the plunger settings
- New default ball image
- Updated Back_Room2 backdrop

V1.3 - Fixed solenoid double sound issue on
bumpers & slings.

V1.2 - New Wall Lights and PD Light System
- Several graphical changes
- New default ball image
- New Back_Glass default backdrop
- Added optional Back_Room2 backdrop
- Animated Pop Bumpers
- Animated Standup Targets
- High Resolution Plunger Added
- Table Sound Additions/Changes

V1.1 - Change in perspective
- Cabinet changes including 3 rail/lockbar
sets now available in image editor)
- New "Reel" based flasher effects
- New optional game room backdrop
- Added some new table sounds
- New dual-light based backbox lights
- A few other graphical enhancements
- A couple of gameplay adjustments
including a smooth right ramp and
more correct flipper lengths.

V 1.0 - First Public Release

To move the storm to your area by hitting various direction targets. Lock two balls, and start Multiball by locking a third and/or hitting the 3-toll ramp.

One to four players can play. New players can enter the game by inserting coins and pressing START until the end of the first ball. After that, pressing START aborts the current game for all players and begins a new one.

Shoot the ball from the plunger to hit one or more of the "FEEL THE POWER" drop targets. 100K for "POWER", 200K for "THE" and 300K for "FEEL". Hitting more than one target will add their values together.

A launched ball that scores no points before draining will be re-served. This does not apply after locking a ball or if the ball bounces into the plunger lane.

Scattered about the playfield are eight targets. Two of each: NE (Northeast), NW (Northwest), SE (Southeast), and SW (Southwest). These are easily noted by either the letters on them or color: NE/Red, NW/Yellow, SE/Orange, and SW/Green. Depending on the difficulty setting, a target is spotted for the player when he launches his 'first' ball of each ball. The targets the player must hit are lit on the compass at the center of the playfield. Once all these targets are hit, lock will lite.

After locking ball 1, the player must hit different targets to lite lock 2. After locking ball 2, Multiball will lite.

The set of targets for the first Multiball can be hit in any order. From the second time on, only one direction can be hit at a time. Once an orientation has been completed, another will lite.

Skyway Tolls are cumulative throughout the game. The number collected and how are:

Skyway Ramp -- 1 or 2, depending on status of the "2 Tolls" lite.

Cup -- 1.
3-Toll Ramp -- Of course, 3.
At the end of a ball, the player will recieve 2K for each Skyway Toll collected. No more than 99 Skyway Tolls can be collected. If 99 Skyway Tolls are collected, then the player has their "SKYWAY PAID FOR" and receive 200K (Plus a neat little tune) each time a ramp is hit.

This ramp is used to advance Skyway Tolls and lock balls. Its entrance can be either open(down) or closed(up).

When open, the ball will be returned to the left inlane, and either one or two Skyway Tolls will be collected. Going through the left inlane or going up the ramp will briefly lite 2 tolls. The TORNADO DROP TARGET's value will also increase briefly. The point value of this ramp also increases with each successful run. It starts at 50K and increases by 10K each time up to a maximum of 100K.

When closed, the ball will land in a cup, 1 Skyway Toll will be awarded, and the ball will be ejected toward the upper right flipper.

The ramp's current status depends on a number of things. Entering the Super Cellar Door (either lit or not lit) will toggle its status, unless Multiball of either flavor is lit or in progress - in which case it will remain closed - or if LOCK is lit.

The ramp will remain open if LOCK is lit in a 1 player game. In a 2, 3, or 4 player game, things get a little more complex. If a player lites LOCK and the ball she is attempting to lock is less than or equal to the number of physically locked balls, the ramp will remain closed. In this instance, the cup under the ramp acts as the LOCK. If the ball she is attempting to lock is greater than the number of physically locked balls, the ramp will remain open. This will physically lock another ball.

The ramp will be open at the beginning of a player's turn, unless one of the above rules applies to keep it closed.

This ramp awards 3 Skyway Tolls, spots a target (if LOCK isn't lit or Multiball isn't in progress), lites the Super Cellar Door, awards Million and/or Million Plus, and starts Multiball. Its value starts at 50K and increases by 10K each time up to a maximum of 100K. This ramp returns the ball to a point somewhere near the lower SE target, usually on the right spinning disk.

To lite the door temporarily, the ball must traverse the right inlane. To lite it permanently (until awarded), the 3-Toll Ramp must be hit.

Depending on the difficulty level of your machine, this may or may not be lit at the beginning of a ball.

The possible awards are labelled on the backbox just below the score display. The value can be changed using the SPINNER located to the right of the Skyway Ramp.

Hitting this target will toggle the status of the Skyway Ramp (see SKYWAY RAMP). Also, one Cellar Visit will be awarded.

The seven awards are:

Will increase the point value of the Lo Pressure Jets to 5K (flashing).

Increases the player's score by 500K.

Lites the extra ball target. Only lit until collected or ball is lost.

Sets the value of the "FEEL THE POWER" drop targets to 100K.

Lites Quick Multiball.

Lites the Million shot.

Will increase the point value of the Hi Pressure Jets to 5K (flashing).
The Super Cellar Door is disabled during Quick Multiball or Multiball.

When all seven values have been awarded, all values will flash, and the Super Cellar Door will lite. Entering the Super Cellar Door at this point awards the MEGA DOOR BONUS. MEGA DOOR BONUS awards all seven values again as well as 2,000,000 points and lites ONE Special.

Once the MEGA DOOR BONUS is collected, the Super Cellar Door will only award Cellar Visits until the current ball ends.

This target is similar to the SUPER CELLAR DOOR, but will not award anything except a Cellar Visit. Cellar Visits are worth 5K each and are cumulative through the entire game. The point value is awarded at the end of each ball. This is where the ball will come out if the ball enters the CELLAR DOOR or the SUPER CELLAR DOOR.

It is also used to start Cellar Multiball. Cellar Multiball is only possible if Multiball was started, and no Million Plus was awarded. Cellar Multiball is basically Multiball with only two balls. If the CELLAR DOOR or SUPER CELLAR DOOR is hit when the red light is flashing, Cellar Multiball will begin.

These three drop targets are also used for the SKILL SHOT. Dropping all three of these targets awards the drop value. It starts at 50K and increases to 100K in increments of 10K. Sweeping (hitting all three in succession) awards 100K + current drop value. The drop value can be set to 100K immediately by using the SUPER CELLAR DOOR.

This drop target's value varies, depending on trips up the SKYWAY RAMP and the time between them. The initial value of this target varies depending on the difficulty setting. The values are 50K, 75K, 100K, 150K, LITE QUICK MULTIBALL, and EXTRA BALL. Each trip up the Skyway Ramp lites the next highest value all the way to LITE QUICK MULTIBALL. Point values can be collected more than once, but Quick Multiball can only be collected once each time it is lit. See EXTRA BALLS to see how to lite the EXTRA BALL target.

After a certain point, LITE QUICK MULTIBALL can no longer be lit.

If no score is lit, the target scores zilch.

When hit, a tone sounds to give you an idea of the current value. The higher the tone, the higher the value.

This is located to the right of the Skyway Ramp. It changes the current value of the SUPER CELLAR DOOR. Each rotation moves the value 1 "box" to the left or right. Values that have already been awarded will be skipped.

The value of the SPINNER is briefly increased after the left inlane is traversed.

These bumpers are like any other jet bumpers on most Williams games. Their point value is advanced by the platter in front of the center HI PRESSURE JET. Hitting this target will advance one jet bumper. The values are:

Unlit -- 1,000
Lit -- 3,000
Flashing -- 5,000
When all bumpers are flashing, the platter is worth 100K. The bumpers can also be maxed out with the SUPER CELLAR DOOR.

What makes Whirlwind what it is. They usually are operational at the same times. When LOCK of any flavor is lit, or when Multiball of either kind is in progress. The fan does nothing to game play, but the disks will wreak havoc with the ball(s) in play.

Quick Multiball can be lit from either the TORNADO DROP TARGET or the SUPER CELLAR DOOR. It is started by locking a ball in the cup under the Skyway Ramp when Quick Multiball is lit. If none or one ball is physically locked, then a normal Quick Multiball is started:

During Quick Multiball Unlimited Million is lit. This continues until one ball is lost. Direction targets can still be hit during Quick Multiball. The 3-Toll Ramp will award 1,000,000 points, 3 Skyway Tolls, and spot a direction target (if any need be spotted).

If two balls are physically locked, then normal Multiball will be started, except 1,000,000 points will be awarded in addition to each Million Plus.

After a certain point, Quick Multiball can no longer be lit from the TORNADO DROP TARGET.

This will vary between one and two player games. In general, a player must 'lock' two balls before he can start Multiball. In a two or more player game, if a player does lock two balls, then fails to start Multiball, another player may 'steal' those balls with a Quick Multiball. Basically, before a player can play Multiball, there must be two balls physically locked. Physically locked balls are those that are sitting in the lock lane on the left hand side of the machine.

Locking a ball will advance the Bonus Multiplier. The Bonus Multiplier will multiply the Skyway Tolls value at the end of a ball. The values are 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X+Lite Extra Ball, and 6X+Lite Special. The bonus multiplier will not exceed 6X. A player's multiplier will never decrease.

Multiball is started by locking two balls and then releasing them with a third. They can be released two ways, by hitting the 3-Toll Ramp (which will award 1,000,000 points and three Skyway Tolls), or locking a ball in the cup. The latter will only work up to a point, then Multiball must be started by hitting the 3-Toll Ramp.

During Multiball Million Plus will be lit. Hitting the 3-Toll Ramp will score 2,000,000 points. This will increase by 1,000,000 points each time to a maximum of 10,000,000 points. If at least one Million Plus is collected before loosing two balls, normal play will resume. Otherwise, Cellar Multiball will lite. See CELLAR DOOR(Red light) for details.

Going between the Lo Pressure Jets to the upper right flipper, around the Hi Pressure Jets and back to the upper right flipper again and finally up the 3-Toll Ramp scores a 3-Way Combo (plus an awesome siren). The 3-Way Combo will score only 250K, as well as the current value of the 3-Toll Ramp. All these targets must be hit in order, with no other targets in between (except the neccessary direction targets and the spinner).

Extra Balls will be awarded by hitting the TORNADO DROP TARGET when Extra Ball is lit. There are three ways to lite Extra Ball:

Skyway Tolls
Depending on the setting of your machine, this can be from 5 Skyway Tolls to 50. Also, the number of 'stops' that will lite it can vary. For instance these can be 8, 35, 50, and 75. Or 35 and 50. Use the Instant Info feature to find out how many are needed. A tone will sound to let you know that Extra Ball is lit. It will remain lit until awarded.

Super Cellar Door
If the current award is "LITE EXTRA BALL" then it'll do that. It will remain lit until awarded or end of current ball.
Locking the 5th ball
Once and only once. Will remain lit until awarded.

Specials can be collected only from the outlanes. There are only two ways to lite Special:

Mega Door Bonus
Will only remain lit until awarded or current ball is lost.
Locking the 6th ball
Once and only once. A tone will let you know it is lit. Will remain lit until awarded.
If only one Special lite is lit, the lit lane will toggle between left and right outlanes each time a slingshot it hit.

Look at the TORNADO DROP TARGET's initial value. The lower it is, the more difficult the settings are.

The initial values of the Skyway Ramp and 3-Toll Ramp may vary.

I have no idea what options are changed if set for five balls. Possibilities are lower bonus values for Skyway Tolls and Cellar Visits, and more Skyway Tolls required to lite Extra Ball.

Skyway Ramp. It it is left open (down) and will not rise, Multiball and Quick-Multiball can still be started. If the CPU sees three balls in the lock lane, it will start Multiball. The Skyway Ramp will only award one Skyway Toll during Multiball of either type, or when the ramp should be closed during regular play. You will notice sometimes that the 2 Toll lamp will not lite when the ball enters the left inlane. This means that the ramp should be closed (raised). If it is left up and will not lower, don't play.

If Extra Ball is lit, and the TORNADO DROP TARGET isn't working, the machine will award the EXTRA BALL if there is a lot of HI PRESSURE JET activity. The CPU assumes you may have hit the target during that time. It may do the same for lite Quick Multiball.

Ramp diverter. If the diverter fails to lock a ball, LOCK will remain lit. Repeated attempts may get the diverter to work. If it doesn't, I have no idea what happens.

I've seen some games suddenly launch locked balls during normal play. If this happens, LOCK will lite so that you have a chance to get them back in there.

Jim Hoxsey
2nd edition; January 6, 1995
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