Zarza (Taito, 1980)

Taito SS Recreation FP Zarza (Taito, 1980) v1.4

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by exegeta, roataguile
at 2020-05-21
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Taito Do Brazil, a division of Taito, Japan
Tradename Flipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics
Date 1980-03-14
IPD No. 4584

-1980 MP version Solid State Eletronic (SS).

- Pictures, rules, operation, audio etc., based based on the original machine.

- Script written for the own table.

- Game rules card instructions.

- Clone pinball machine of Xenon (SS)
- Count bonus for a ball game only according to machine manufacturing project.

- Backglass model MP manufactured in the year 1980.

- Now also accompanies the cabinet with original logo as requested
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